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Alphas Of Anarchy

Tatum Whispers

Story about:werewolf alpha, reverse harem, second chance

Age restriction: 18+

15 63

#1067 in Romance
#71 in Paranormal Romance

Ongoing: 18 May 20 pages

Publication: 07.05.2022 — ...

Description of book "Alphas Of Anarchy"

Avyanna Tate left her small-town home of Jackson ten years ago in pursuit of a modeling career in the big city. When a tragedy strikes, she is forced to return home.

Years ago, she left the Xavier brothers behind her, they not only destroyed her life but broke her heart. Destined to only one of them, she could never make the choice and decided to run away instead.

Now she is back, and her path is bound to cross with Niko, Slater, and Kage once again.

But the boys have done some growing up.

If she thought then that one choice between them was not easy, this time around it is going to be near damn impossible. Ten years ago, they were only boys, but now they are the Alphas that run Jackson.

The Xavier brothers have waited for Avyanna’s return, and this time there is no escaping them.


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