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Book. "Amon-Re " read online
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#46 in Action fantasy
#42 in Epic fantasy

Complete 29 pages

Publication: 17.08.2022 — 27.09.2022

Description of book "Amon-Re "

Ethan Saul is a man who has lived for many years enduring a great number of tragedies. However, after a lifetime of hardships he has now been given a chance to prevent anyone else from suffering the same tragedies he suffered as the warrior of Ra. In order to save the world, he must now fight against evil forces who seek to take back the world while also battling his inner demons. The true question is can he, do it?

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Degraded Teapot
17.08.2022, 13:25:24

I do like that not much is explained about Ra in the first chapter leaving him mysterious. I feel like the dialogue between characters is a bit rushed, things happen way to fast which makes them feel unnatural.There should have been a longer build up to Ethan finding the pyramid. Also you don't need to describe each character and what they look like if your just gonna kill them in the same chapter. You could simplify it by saying theyre criminals or thieves. Plot holes I can see a lot of them. For instance why cant Ra save the world himself He is a god after all, so why does he need a warrior to do his work for him. Ethan doesn't doesn't feel like a fleshed out character. He quickly accepted Ra's offer with no second thaught he didn't question can Ra be trusted Is this really. Also for someone who wants to save the world from evil, he sure is fine with killing people brutally with out a second thaught. And so is the God Ra honestly it feels like hes the bad guy. These are my few complaints but other than that good start i can't wait to see the next one. If your also interested check out my book. Be Natural that's its name I want to hear your opinion on my book.

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