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Book. "As Tender As The Wind Blows" read online

As Tender As The Wind Blows

Lin Musen

Story about:science fiction, orphan girl, nerd man

4 180

#155 in Crime fiction
#153 in Urban life

On Hold: 10 Feb 28 pages

Publication: 28.01.2021 — ...

Description of book "As Tender As The Wind Blows"

Author : Lin Musen 【林木森】
POV : Third Person Limited Shifting (Multiple Characters)

The story about an orphan young girl. She comes alone to a big city to live with her distant relatives. Before she meets them, she witnesses a kidnapping. While running away from the kidnappers, she meets an unemployed man. Even though he is young anymore, that man rarely knows what to do in critical situations. Then they are involved in a series of strange things that may become interesting memories in the future.


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