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Book. "Bad-boy Billionaire’s Property" read online

Bad-boy Billionaire’s Property

Ada Lovely

Story about:billionaire first love, badboy romance, billionaire and virgin

120 399

#991 in Billionaires
#2776 in Romance

On Hold: 20 Jul 2 pages

Publication: 19.07.2022 — ...

Description of book "Bad-boy Billionaire’s Property"

When 18 year old Alexis James finds out she’s been left behind at this huge mansion, at first, she thinks her alcoholic of a father has made another mistake.
But she soon discovers this is no mistake. She is now the property of the hottest billionaire in the big city and he has big ideas of how to use her.

After winning at a roulette table, young CEO Ivan White finds himself in possession of another human being. A naive but very pretty young girl. They don’t call him the biggest playboy in the city for nothing.


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muhammad dawood
02.08.2022, 21:41:02

please update this book author

Awodi Okeoghene
29.07.2022, 00:30:02

Lovely story

Loveth Agbake
24.07.2022, 02:29:23

nice story more update pls

Karishma Shaik
22.07.2022, 18:16:30

update author... liked ur story and all the best.

aishwarya krishna
21.07.2022, 12:28:03

update pls

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