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Book. "Beloved Demon Husband " read online

Beloved Demon Husband

Taiwo Jayeoba

Story about:human and the demon, family, sacrifice

262 3063

#66 in Fantasy
#28 in Romantic fantasy

Ongoing: 01 Dec 67 pages

Publication: 22.10.2022 — ...

Description of book "Beloved Demon Husband "

Shaina has always feel inferior to her older sister who always steal what she wants, when her first love was taken by her, Shaina decided to outshine her this once and that is to get married before her older sister does.
After a night lie, she found herself entangled to Samael, a thousand years Demon who has taken interest in the human world.
The Demon seeks a remedy to the growing dark power in him and after accidentally encouter with Shaina who asked him to become her husband for a night, Samael felt he has found his soulmate and his cure.
Will the two different beings have a lasting love? Or will their worlds break them apart?


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Hana Liaqat
02.12.2022, 22:02:18

nice story so far kindly update more frequently

Sanashehzad Shehzadgull
23.11.2022, 20:18:31

Woooohhh,,, that's kind of a fantasyland story,,, i red all the chapters in one day,,, and looking forward to read more.... thumbs up to you....

Millicent Ochen
16.11.2022, 18:06:10

very interesting book but to short leaves one hanging you know

Saadatu Bala
16.11.2022, 12:51:56

I am so in love with this story...nicely written so far...more updates please

Alinaa Sharma
16.11.2022, 11:14:23


Rachna Jagani
15.11.2022, 16:46:03

is it free or not?

Muskan Singh
15.11.2022, 12:29:44

it's good..

Jennifer Zeigler
25.10.2022, 16:35:37

Very interesting storyline! Looking forward to read more of this story

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