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Between 16 and 60

Ashleh Queen

Story about:teenagers, youngadult, brokenheart

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Publication: 10.08.2019 — 10.08.2019

Description of book "Between 16 and 60"

She was right at that place where she was then. In the very same highlighter orange overall having the company's monogram and distributing flyers... maybe. I don't know because I was at some distance. But it was easy to recognize her. She still looked beautiful. Face huh? She was always nothing but a face. And I can see her interest in makeup was still young as she had her makeup on. I couldn't recall her name but I remember the incident. It was the same place where I broke her heart. Somebody needed to show her the reality. It was sad that it has to be me. Everything was same. But the building was more upgraded now and the road was wide. But I remember it was raining that day. But today it was bright.

This story is dedicated to every person who ever had their hearts broken.


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Zinhle Gumede
27.07.2021, 12:38:03

Beautiful ending. Glad things turned out how they did for Martin. I absolutely love Jacob and his relationship with Lydia. I wonder why Harry lied about their Divorce ????

Ruth Dionisio
06.07.2021, 11:33:24

i enjoy this short are a great writer...keep on

Ashleh Queen guru
06.07.2021, 14:03:47

Ruth Dionisio, Thank you,

Mia Khan
02.07.2021, 02:16:43

I love it ,I wish for more

Julia López
10.06.2021, 09:36:28

Wow excelente historia!!!.. no soy das de leer historias cortas porque A veces son demasiado resumidas y pierden un poco el sentido,aún así me aventure y me encantó como tus demás gustó cómo se enfoco desde el punto de vista de el...vaya que egocéntrico y clasista,.. que buen encantó gracias!❤️

A Princy
01.06.2021, 12:40:08

Cute little story

Bhagya yelleti
03.05.2021, 18:25:36

hi ashelh I am a big fan of your books but can u plz say where do u crate covers for your books

22.03.2021, 08:48:16

short , amazing and encouraging story

ruk p
14.03.2021, 06:18:15

awesome !

04.03.2021, 10:35:47

so the lesson is that we should not waste our time and feelings on them who don't pay heed towards us ...
we all might have broken our hearts once in our life but u see there will be a time when the person for whom u cared so much..never noticed u ...would regret one day.....
so forget ur past .....
live ur present and
see what magic future holds for u

Maz Ahmed
03.03.2021, 10:27:52

Beautifully written!

Shraddha Joshi
28.02.2021, 19:57:07


Syeda Noorah
13.02.2021, 10:38:38

Beautiful story...

Rachna Bishnoi
02.02.2021, 03:51:25

Very nice
Enjoyed it a lot
I think I am a big fan of you now author
You are an amazing writer

Patsy Cloud
23.01.2021, 02:37:00

I enjoyed this short story!

Maureen Mutahi
28.12.2020, 19:16:17

Sweet story... Its really encouraging to know that someone could find happiness despite being heart broken...good job

gabriela sierra
12.12.2020, 06:43:41

Hermosa historia y una buena moraleja, felicitaciones

Bing Alba
04.11.2020, 12:27:23

Nice story. Kudos to the author.

gabriela sierra
12.12.2020, 04:42:34

Comment has been deleted

27.10.2020, 14:44:32

ahh... its so sweet, hilarious and worth reading short story babes.

Nicole James
13.10.2020, 05:15:54

Short and sweet!

Ashleh Queen guru
13.10.2020, 12:01:11

Nicole James, Thank you,

Sagir Ahmed
28.09.2020, 12:53:00

next no 2

Aubrey Macalde
26.09.2020, 17:13:51

Just finished reading now, and I loved how it ended, something I never really expected. I'd like to read more of your written works.

Aubrey Macalde
27.09.2020, 13:23:58

Ashleh Queen, Oh thank you for that, I'll surely read those

Jathryn Samuel (LostpuppyJS)
23.08.2020, 18:51:27

1000/100... superb! OMG! How can you write so amazing!

Ashleh Queen guru
21.09.2020, 15:33:32

Jathryn Samuel (LostpuppyJS), Thank you, Jathryn,

Mansi Jain
26.08.2020, 05:02:32

Beautiful story!!! You never fail to amaza me...

Ashleh Queen guru
21.09.2020, 15:33:13

Mansi Jain, Thank you,

Annie Lee
01.09.2020, 05:49:42

I really love this story, it's amazing. I enjoyed the plot twist.

Ashleh Queen guru
21.09.2020, 15:33:00

Annie Lee, Thank you, Annie,

Madiha Yusuf
07.08.2020, 14:46:53

is this gonna continue??

Ashleh Queen guru
07.08.2020, 12:07:28

Madiha Yusuf, No, it was a short story and it is complete.

bs shruthi
25.07.2020, 10:17:18

Don't regret in life. Just wait for god's plan. He has planned something more beautiful for all of us.
Loved the story and I know what it feels to be left

16.07.2020, 16:23:57

Hey, I would appreciate your feedback on a short love story I just posted on here. I am a new author, and I am just trying to improve my work. It's a fated love story with some steamy passion. It's feel free to check it out and leave your feedback.

David Suprize
03.02.2020, 07:28:52

Thank you

Ashleh Queen guru
13.07.2020, 19:38:23

David Suprize, You are welcome,

Punita Punita
26.06.2020, 21:36:25

Wow. No words to describe the story. Sorry but I m very emotional and speechless at this time.

Ashleh Queen guru
13.07.2020, 19:33:40

Punita Punita, Thank you so much, Punita, I will be giving out more stories like that,

Mashu Waghu
27.06.2020, 13:14:44

amazing :)

Ashleh Queen guru
13.07.2020, 19:31:16

Waghu mashu, Thank you,

13.07.2020, 22:20:54

how do you manage to make someone as tough as me cry without fail? be it shattered, contract marraige, needs or this one. Brilliant writing again!!

Ashleh Queen guru
13.07.2020, 19:31:04

vandana gupta, Thank you so much, Vandana. I hope it was entertaining enough.

Averyn Dev
31.05.2020, 18:03:36

Short and sweet heart touching story. love it

Ashleh Queen guru
31.05.2020, 21:35:30

Thank you so much

Geetha Sree Chinnagari
21.04.2020, 20:13:30

Is this the end...!!!!

Ashleh Queen guru
21.04.2020, 17:14:07

Geetha Sree Chinnagari, Yup, It was a short story,

Beata Gos
30.03.2020, 15:26:44

Nice story, and, the turn of events, a lesson for those who are judgmental

Beata Gos
31.03.2020, 06:54:23

De nada ma'm

18.02.2020, 04:41:47


Dorothy Godi
18.01.2020, 01:08:10

Ashley Queen, your stories are always entertaining, educative, romantic and above all lots of suspense, keep it up...
I'm actually gonna send u friend request on facebook and follow u as well.
Really love your books ❤

Dorothy Godi
18.01.2020, 12:16:38

Ashleh Queen, welcome

ngozi akuma
20.12.2019, 08:00:08

Short but great. With an interesting moral lesson.

Ashleh Queen guru
20.12.2019, 08:42:08

ngozi akuma, Thank you,

Samar Sam
21.10.2019, 22:50:38

its have a moral lesson as well.......anyways nice story ashleh

Ashleh Queen guru
15.11.2019, 07:53:00

Samar Sam, Thank you, love.

Akua Tintin
15.11.2019, 09:18:15

Ashleh you a great writer.Thank you so much.I really enjoyed reading it.

Ashleh Queen guru
15.11.2019, 07:50:16

Akua Tintin, Thank you so much, darling.

Mahnoor Khan
13.08.2019, 18:07:09

thats a lovely story. would you please read my first story ever too? i have added your story to my library and followed you

Mahnoor Khan
30.08.2019, 19:41:36


29.08.2019, 13:34:31

I would never have guessed the turn the story took afterwards. That was indeed a very beautiful story and lesson. People tend to look down upon others and criticize when they could actually do something instead which would help that person stand up again.

Ashleh Queen guru
30.08.2019, 19:35:10

ZARA, I am so happy to find your comment here on my story. So, glad that you liked it.

Akins Ayomi
28.08.2019, 13:21:41

No one should be underestimated or written off in life, because a person is here today doesn't mean he can't be there. The only difference between here and there is 'T' which is time.

To the heart broken, you can love again, just forgive that person because if you don't, it can weigh you can. Forgive and move on. Don't take their rejection personal because if you do, you will be limiting yourself and it will cause fear and you will always be hurt.

Sorry the comment is much.

Ashleh Queen guru
30.08.2019, 19:34:39

Akins Ayomi, Wow! You really get all the hidden meanings I was trying to convey. No worries, I live for the long comments.

Goodness Shadrach
15.08.2019, 10:06:58

wow this is interesting Ashleh, thumps up. I love it

Ashleh Queen guru
30.08.2019, 19:33:01

Goodness, Thank you so much.

AmandaDaroga d
12.08.2019, 19:22:59

Ashleh - You have not completed " Contract Marriage " and " Shattered " , but you you have 21 pages book "NEWLY" completed???? Does it makes sense to follow you or keep checking to see if you may complete these two outstanding books??? This is unethical of a book writer or short store writer.

Ashleh Queen guru
30.08.2019, 19:24:45

Veraldine Dike, Hey, I update on many sites like Wattpad, Inkitt and Webnovels and many others but I always update on Litnet first. So, its better that you check this site first. And I am sorry for replying you so late. But I just updated shattered a few minutes ago. I hope you will like it.

cherry kisses
13.08.2019, 22:09:59

people tend to forget that these writers have a life outside of this. I don't mind waiting for your stories because they are really good. take your time just don't leave us hanging.. to me the more the merrier. ppl need to relax

Ashleh Queen guru
13.08.2019, 19:16:12

cherry kisses, Its totally fine. Actually there are many authors who start writing stories but after that leaves it unfinished. So, readers being anxious and a little on the edge is pretty normal. You have no idea how much I have messaged to people who left there work like two or three years ago. I have only started writing less than a year ago and I still have to earn the trust that I will finish my work.
But thank you so much for being understanding. Your support means a world to me. Stay blessed and have a great day ahead.

Dora Kellner
11.08.2019, 14:18:49

I'm touched, you always make fabulous stories

Ashleh Queen guru
11.08.2019, 12:43:23

Dora Kellner, Thank you so much.

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