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Publication: 22.10.2020 — 01.01.2021
Contests: My love, my billionaire

Description of book "Billionaire's Hidden Princess"

"Your smile is the best reward I can ever have."

He, the owner of the country's richest conglomerate.
The nation's husband.
The man of every girl's dreams.

Just what was it about Leticia Selene that made Livius Apollon say that?

She, a penniless college student.
A mere fashion intern.
A girl with social anxiety.

"You achieved greater than that, though. Why is making me smile more fulfilling?"

All she did was approach him at his worst - when he's dumped by his crush due to how shabby he looked that time. She helped him do a make-over to win her over.

Little did she know that he's this handsome CEO who was just in disguise.

Now that they're dating, he doesn't ever get enough of her.

"That's because everytime you smile, I feel like I don't need anything else... Only you, princess."


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Femi Weinor Gloria
15.12.2021, 21:47:15

nice story. very interesting

EXO for life
28.11.2021, 23:29:55

it reminds me of the drama Coffee and Vanilla

Bhavi Km
22.10.2021, 17:54:28

loved every second I read the story....I finished reading in one strech... beautiful n gud storyline....gud luck with ur future work too...

13.09.2021, 18:43:23

the story is very beautiful but I don't know why but there are some scenes which I have seen in a Japanese drama. the story is totally different but just some scenes clashes. Name of the drama: coffee and vanilla

Shailu Sarang
29.09.2021, 19:34:00

Kajol, yaaa i hav watched that drama too .... some scenes frm the beginning chapters are similar though...

Maria Alba
19.09.2021, 12:14:09

I ? the story, so....heartwarming, Livius and Leticia deserved each other , for better or for worse, they are compatible.!!

Gelai Juanerio
12.09.2021, 12:13:28

love it

pats lynn
11.09.2021, 19:28:27

l ove this much ....u took ur time and no errors... wonderful ....l love and l will check ur books

Glincy Varghese
09.09.2021, 11:27:15

Beautiful story.

05.09.2021, 05:14:28

this story is so beautiful and interesting
on the way of reading this story, I was having so many butt in my stomach...

Thank you for such a amazing story

Reena Sharma
16.08.2021, 15:01:35


07.08.2021, 23:04:31

This was an amazing book just that it ended abruptly. I long for more! Great job Author.

04.08.2021, 17:57:37

So sweet ND so understanding the plot sunshine boy :) its lively work author I love it ❤❤❤❤

Marilyn Calderon
01.08.2021, 12:32:35

that's sweet of livi, amazing story, amazing author. keep it up.

29.07.2021, 08:56:43

Wow this scene remind me of Alice and Eric



good girl

bad man

hmmmm? trouble







Leticia, ride on girl



stella kato
15.07.2021, 14:26:01

why a limit

stella kato
15.07.2021, 14:25:45

why a limit

Nelita Anonat
18.03.2021, 03:02:47

Very nice

Alegna Ciee
18.03.2021, 05:27:00

Nelita Anonat, Thanks! ^_^

Princess line
18.03.2021, 05:14:26

nice story...but can't continue reading...can we have it free?

Lynn Austria
28.01.2021, 06:25:02

Yes, a sequel is most welcome and hope it's for free reading also. This is a nice story. Congratulations! Take care and God bless us

Alegna Ciee
28.01.2021, 07:05:26

Lynn Austria, Thank you (✿^‿^) I'll be announcing the details about the sequel some time soon

Patience Ezekiel Sunday
18.01.2021, 09:42:12

Very interesting
Thanks for the story

Alegna Ciee
18.01.2021, 09:43:18

Patience Ezekiel Sunday, You're welcome! ^.^

Satire lee
17.01.2021, 19:37:43

aww... so sweet!!! this whole story is just toooooooo..... sweet!

Alegna Ciee
18.01.2021, 06:36:50

Satire lee, Thanks for enjoying the story (✿^‿^)

Satire lee
17.01.2021, 18:09:02

ah~~~ so cute eight nine ten and he fell in love at first sight! ?

Alegna Ciee
18.01.2021, 06:36:24

Satire lee, ( ꈍᴗꈍ) Indeed

Olisedeme Tracy Chika
16.01.2021, 15:55:13

Wow I love this book...thanks so very much for this wonderful book

Alegna Ciee
17.01.2021, 07:49:24

Olisedeme Tracy Chika, Thank you and you're welcome! ^_^

Hema Vora
07.01.2021, 13:43:59

lovely... so possessive love... also protective...

Alegna Ciee
08.01.2021, 10:19:25

Hema Vora, I'm glad! Thank you (≧▽≦)

Hema Vora
06.01.2021, 17:03:43

seems like the author has watched japanese drama- Coffee and Vanilla

Hema Vora
08.01.2021, 10:15:35

Alegna Ciee, well yours was fabulously written and each emotion touched my heart... will surely read your other book

Hema Vora
07.01.2021, 10:17:09

wow... great work... elaborated to the best understanding

Alegna Ciee
07.01.2021, 10:24:02

Hema Vora, Again, thank you (✿^‿^)

Hema Vora
06.01.2021, 18:02:03

omg... overload romance and sweetness is blinding me... love u author for such a great script... wanting more...

Alegna Ciee
06.01.2021, 18:13:44

Hema Vora, Thank you so much! ( ╹▽╹ ) I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll be making a sequel soon (✿^‿^)

Alegna Ciee
06.01.2021, 17:33:46

Hi there again! Just wanna promote another work of mine here. Do check out my freshly updated novel, Break the Womanizing Billionaire's Fake Marriage Rule (ㆁωㆁ)

gemma wendell
04.01.2021, 05:32:01

i love this story, no too much drama and all that... its light to the heart how their love story unfolds... but i find eya a little mysterious, so a sequel would be good.

Alegna Ciee
04.01.2021, 06:23:16

gemma wendell, I like how you dropped something about the female lead ^__^ Thank you for enjoying the story!

Vishali R
03.01.2021, 02:36:01

I just simply love this one. I hope to see more of your wroks.(^-^).

Alegna Ciee
03.01.2021, 03:31:33

Vishali R, Thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed it ( ╹▽╹ )

Gladise Rao
01.01.2021, 16:17:10

yes would love to see more of them

Alegna Ciee
01.01.2021, 16:24:58

Gladise Rao, Glad to hear so! (ㆁωㆁ) Thanks for the feedback!

Dr-Hana Khalid
31.12.2020, 20:44:17

Nice chapter

Alegna Ciee
01.01.2021, 06:32:49

Dr-Hana Khalid, Hi there! Thanks! (^‿^)

Alegna Ciee
31.12.2020, 17:15:52

To everyone who'll be able to see this, Happy New Year's! Just wanna let you know that this story will be coming to a close. Thank you all for following through! I really loved reading comments and getting any kind of feedback from the readers - may it be in the form of rating the story or adding this to their library. Thank you guys so much...! Please, do leave a like since this novel is participating in a contest. Now, in case that readers would ask for it, I would consider making a sequel of this book (ㆁωㆁ) In the meantime, though, I'll be making other stories! Do follow them too!

Alegna Ciee
01.01.2021, 06:32:08

Shruti Sharma Pandey, Thank you so much! (✿^‿^) Very glad to hear that

Godwin Ezelee
31.12.2020, 14:48:45

I love your story so much thank you and thanks for the daily updates please

Alegna Ciee
31.12.2020, 15:28:42

Sofia Godwin, Thank you for following through the story! ✿ I'll continue to do my best! ( ╹▽╹ )

Dr-Hana Khalid
31.12.2020, 10:42:38

Good chapter and nice story worth reading

Alegna Ciee
31.12.2020, 11:37:06

Dr-Hana Khalid, Thank you for the compliment (◕ᴗ◕✿) It's my first time writing something like this, so I'm really glad that you find it worthwhile ( ╹▽╹ )

Shruti Deepak Pandey
29.12.2020, 06:09:19

very cute and loving couple. I love these story..... very much different from all other stories which I am reading right now..... It's pure.... I am thinking in back of my mind, that is these type of love story possible now a days.... I guess NO, it only seems good in Novels and Movies. ;)
Really Appreciate your writing and way of thinking. Keep it up

Alegna Ciee
29.12.2020, 11:35:49

Shruti Sharma Pandey, You're welcome ( ◜‿◝ )♡

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