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Billionaire's Obsession or Love

Khurshida Khushi

Series: Billionaire's Obsession or Love

Story about:romance, possessive billionaire

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Complete 72 pages

Publication: 08.12.2020 — 23.12.2020

Description of book "Billionaire's Obsession or Love"

Ace Roberts,

The owner of Robert Corporation. He has everything a girl wants. He once a Prince charming. But, when his girlfriend cheated on him. He became a heartless womanizer.He starts using girl like clothes..

Bella Knight,

A sweet, simple yet beautiful girl. She loves Ace since her childhood but Ace never notice her. She is the princess of her parents. When she saw her love turned into a heartless womanizer she wants to change him but she end up being his obsession.

Will Bella able to turn the womanizer into the prince charming aging?

Will Ace ever notice Bella?

Will his obsession will turn into love?

Let's find out dear readers..

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Ruzelle Layo-an Egam 26.01.2021, 06:41:34

It's so nice story

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Khurshida Khushi 26.01.2021, 07:34:29

Ruzelle Layo-an Egam, Thanks dear. Hope you will enjoy the part 2 too.

Emang Elpedes 25.01.2021, 12:06:10

i like the story really! what happened to him. oh my god something smell fisshy

Gloria Leveriza 23.01.2021, 15:25:47

Very interesting

The last comment in the thread:

Khurshida Khushi 23.01.2021, 15:45:31

Gloria Leveriza, Thanks dear. Hope you will enjoy the part 2 too.

Resmi Mukherjee 14.01.2021, 12:03:17

Its an amazing novel . But 2nd part is on book subscription. Wish I could read the story till the end.

Maria Alba 12.01.2021, 07:15:09

Kiki Peller 09.01.2021, 12:57:25


rosavilma ilagan 07.01.2021, 09:44:54

Love this chapter

rosavilma ilagan 07.01.2021, 08:38:00

Very exciting this chapter

The last comment in the thread:

Khurshida Khushi 07.01.2021, 08:40:04

rosavilma ilagan, Thanks dear.

rosavilma ilagan 07.01.2021, 07:39:30

I like it very much the story

Pinki Dubey 01.01.2021, 20:50:34

Comment has been deleted

The last comment in the thread:

Joy C Uzoka 06.01.2021, 17:10:16

Comment has been deleted

MaeJay Ajan 06.01.2021, 11:31:27

Nice novel

Annabelle Ufot 30.12.2020, 20:06:22

Nice book. Kudos to the author

The last comment in the thread:

Khurshida Khushi 05.01.2021, 18:33:38

Annabelle Ufot, Thanks dear

Auni Batrisyia 29.12.2020, 15:17:00

wow...a new twinkle twinkle little star song..i love it

The last comment in the thread:

Khurshida Khushi 05.01.2021, 18:33:24

Auni Batrisyia, Thanks dear

Harshita Saxena 31.12.2020, 22:31:29

The ending is weird.

The last comment in the thread:

Khurshida Khushi 02.01.2021, 05:54:12

Harshita Saxena, Read book 2 dear

Maribel Oponda Cahiles 31.12.2020, 06:33:56

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Leslie Villablanca Herrera 29.12.2020, 10:18:10

oh my

Athena Roy 29.12.2020, 07:54:17

What the hell is he crazy or something?

Athena Roy 29.12.2020, 07:47:26

Love the chapter and I am so happy for them

Athena Roy 29.12.2020, 07:40:52

Chapter was good and poem oh god super amazing

Athena Roy 29.12.2020, 07:29:35

Yeah it was good and bussiness rules were interesting...

Athena Roy 29.12.2020, 07:20:16

Yeah I am reading it too.... Btw... Love this chapter of yours too.... Are you well now?

Athena Roy 29.12.2020, 07:11:35

Poor Ace is gonna taste his own medicine....hahaha

Athena Roy 29.12.2020, 07:01:38

Love this chapter too... And he is with Katrina to make her pay, right ??

Athena Roy 29.12.2020, 06:53:36

Chapter was good....

Athena Roy 29.12.2020, 06:42:48

She is just so innocent.....

Athena Roy 29.12.2020, 06:34:27

Chapter was amazing .... I kind of love it....

Athena Roy 29.12.2020, 06:27:50

Why does he hated red flowers ??

Athena Roy 29.12.2020, 06:18:43

Will ace like those flowers or hell at her too just like he did to his manager..

Athena Roy 29.12.2020, 06:10:25

Poor katrina, whoa Bella is just amazing.... Love this chapter too....

Athena Roy 29.12.2020, 06:00:00

Whoa he look pretty tempered minded ....

Leslie Villablanca Herrera 29.12.2020, 01:26:52

thanks for free story

Athena Roy 28.12.2020, 20:40:36

Prologue looks interesting.....

Asha Latha 28.12.2020, 19:59:04

good novel.

Amanda Kelley 28.12.2020, 17:28:59

Love this storyline. Didn’t expect that response from Ace though. Look forward to next book.

The last comment in the thread:

Khurshida Khushi 28.12.2020, 17:30:01

Amanda Kelley, Next book is already out dear.

Ma Concepcion Alde 28.12.2020, 13:25:48

Nice book i love the story i dont where to rate so I ll just comment

Anatalia Ramirez 27.12.2020, 14:02:24

Nice story?

Melanie Villante Villamiel 27.12.2020, 11:05:56

Nice story pls continuing to write and pls give it to your readers as free god bless.

Marilyn Calderon 26.12.2020, 02:28:20

hi I like your story hoping it will be a happily ever after ending

Allison Underdonk Peterman 24.12.2020, 22:52:56

book was good, I felt it was really rushed. I do look forward to book two. I am not mad at all but glad she is not as niave and weak now. shows her character has grown throughout. I hope the story opens up within investigating and finding out it was fake and she was gone after he tried finding her.

Pretty Winny 24.12.2020, 17:23:12

cute Ace

Anjali Mukhia 24.12.2020, 10:00:45

please update fast...

Hazel Choi 23.12.2020, 22:35:04

Please don't make me pay for the second book please I don't have money any more.

Hazel Choi 23.12.2020, 22:34:10

Waiting to know the gender of the child and what will happen between Ace and Bella. I hope their misunderstand will be fix.

Hazel Choi 23.12.2020, 22:33:18

I will be waiting for the second book

Vibhuti Sachdev 23.12.2020, 19:50:22

ths book is awsm i love d story

Haydee Asparin Espinosa 23.12.2020, 19:24:34

Waiting for the next chapter

prakriti pandey 23.12.2020, 19:16:25

Please publish the second book. It's such a beautiful story. And please don't make them separate. Please write happy ending between Ace & Bella. Keep them together forever

Cris Naval 23.12.2020, 19:10:06

I'm so saddddddd pls update book 2

Syeda Noorah 23.12.2020, 18:38:20

The story was amazing and I loved it but the suspense was not expected and I'm too excited for it ....I'm waiting for book 2 ....lots of love❤❤❤❤❤

Risper wanja 23.12.2020, 17:59:09

i love it ....but suspense is killing me ...what is in store for Ace and Bella

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