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Book. "Blown Up" read online

Blown Up

Miss Asten

Series: Rainbow Balloons

Story about:thriller, autism, balloon fetish

Age restriction: 18+

12 212

#799 in Erotic
#110 in Suspense

Complete 28 pages

Publication: 25.06.2022 — 29.06.2022

Description of book "Blown Up"

It's been five years since Anna Jones started speaking publicly about the dangers of the sex industry with best friend Megan Blease. She also helps out from time to time with her parents' balloon business, Rainbow Balloons, which she used to operate. Life is good for Anna right now. But her ex husband Mark just got out of prison, and he's looking for revenge. With his new girlfriend by his side, looner girl Scarlet, he's out to make Anna's life a living hell. Can she escape his evil clutches?

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Jennifer Zeigler
11.07.2022, 19:42:25

It’s a really good story. I liked the lead female character because despite having autism, she’s a strong woman and made difference in people’ lives

Miss Asten
11.07.2022, 20:23:19

Jennifer Zeigler, thank you! :)

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