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The Writers Club Moderators have started a book club. Bi-weekly authors who participate in The Writers Club can offer up their books to be read and reviewed by other authors in the group.

Readers commit to reading the first 5 chapters of the book and writing a review of the book they are assigned. On Saturday in the Club the reviews and questions for the story are added to the post created by the Admin.

Those reviews will be archived here so that they can be read at any time.


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13.06.2021, 15:51:52

Hello... isn't there any othercway of joining the club apart from Facebook method? As I don't have a separate social media platform account of mine....

Booknet Inkslingers
13.06.2021, 19:38:08

Lady WORDSWORTH, Unfortunately, not at this time. Booknet Official does not offer community boards, so I created a FACEBOOK page run by myself and a few volunteer writers. I'm sure there are other groups out there. I believe there is a Booknet Authors Instagram Group and I also believe there is a Booknet Authors Discord group, but neither of those are run by me (Ruechari) or my moderators (Marilyn Lucero, AnnaRCase, GoodnessShadrach, or HypGothic). I hope that answers your question. Perhaps one of those other groups may work better for you or as I suggested on your other post. Many create an Author page for themselves and join with that page so they are not linking their personal page to the group. We are also a CLOSED and not a PUBLIC group if that is a help to you.

19.10.2020, 20:20:48

How can I join the writer's club

Booknet Inkslingers
26.12.2020, 19:55:43

Splendid, You can join the Writers Club by going to our page on FACEBOOK - Booknet Authors and click the Group button to request to join. Once your profile is verified that you are a booknet author you will be accepted into the group. For more information please read our book WHAT IS BOOKNET AUTHORS AND THE WRITERS CLUB.

Celeste I.
17.02.2020, 21:32:04

I probably have said this before, but I can't stress this enough. Thanks so much for giving me this opportunity and for looking over one of my stories! It's an honor and I'm so happy about the responses and feedback! I'll do my best going forward as a writer~

Celeste I.
31.08.2020, 05:44:42

Booknet Authors, You're welcome, and thank you so much, that's so thoughtful and wonderful to hear you say such kind words about me~

10.08.2020, 07:55:09

Thanks! It is so interesting/

Booknet Inkslingers
31.08.2020, 01:05:19

Крися, You're welcome!

Junior Batley
01.02.2020, 13:06:13

Thank you so much for letting me part of this, it's a priviledge!

Booknet Inkslingers
02.02.2020, 17:29:51

Junior Batley, Thank you for participating and letting us review just a wonderful story.

28.01.2020, 14:27:00

Thanks. It is a great idea! I like it.

Booknet Inkslingers
28.01.2020, 22:08:09

Крися, You're welcome and thanks for participating.

Celeste I.
24.01.2020, 04:04:54

What a wonderful idea! I can't believe I didn't notice this sooner; I'll have to give it a try myself some time in the future~

Celeste I.
27.01.2020, 21:24:21

Booknet Authors, Great to hear, thanks for having me in your group~

20.01.2020, 05:32:46

I want to recommend my favourite book Mixed Feelings by S.N ? for this week's Book Nook .
Can I do that ?

Booknet Inkslingers
20.01.2020, 11:46:44

Rilee, You can ask S.N. to add their link to the Facebook post in the Writer's Club.

Jake A. Strife
02.10.2019, 22:39:14

How did I miss this was happening? I'll have to get in on this.

Booknet Inkslingers
24.11.2019, 19:45:28

Jake A. Strife, We will be taking a break from it so we can handle the entries for the contest and pick our winner next month but we will be taking it up again in January. I hope you submit a story for review.

21.11.2019, 08:38:31

Great work Simon. Thanks for being on Litnet and allowing us to dissect your work

Marilyn Lucero
20.08.2019, 06:52:57

Excited for the next book to be discussed:-)

Booknet Inkslingers
21.08.2019, 04:59:29

diamond46, We are too.

Flora Luxar
14.08.2019, 03:59:00

this is really a very good opportunity and I would really like to join.

Booknet Inkslingers
15.08.2019, 15:07:03

Flora Luxar, Well Flora if you join us on Facebook @LitnetAuthors, we can invite you into our facebook Group THE WRITERS CLUB. From there you can offer a story for yours to be read each Monday on the BOOK NOOK post. The stories are picked at random, but you can always offer it again the following week if yours is not chosen. We will be doing a new book each week. So you have 52 chances of getting your book read.

Goodness Shadrach
13.08.2019, 04:30:27

I love this, can't wait to see this weeks own

Booknet Inkslingers
13.08.2019, 21:05:01

Goodness, You're doing such a wonderful job. Can't wait for this Saturday's discussion.

AnnaRCase guru
12.08.2019, 16:20:47

Whelp didn't realize all of the conversation was going in here haha. But I can't say I would have different responses anyway.

Booknet Inkslingers
13.08.2019, 21:04:24

HypGothic, I'm glad you thought so. I did too.

Marilyn Lucero
10.08.2019, 19:51:42

This provides a fair opportunity for all the writers...

Booknet Inkslingers
11.08.2019, 19:07:13

diamond46, Actually, that's exactly what I thought you meant. I was actually agreeing with your statement. Sorry if it sounded like I wasn't and I'm so glad you feel welcomed.

Vijay Kerji
10.08.2019, 19:07:01

This is a great initiative. I am looking forward to participating in the process.

Booknet Inkslingers
11.08.2019, 13:35:00

Vijay Kerji, Thank you!

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