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Ongoing: 22 Apr 24 pages

Publication: 17.04.2022 — ...

Description of book "Bound By A Wish"

Everyn was going through a heartwrenching divorce and it was final, so she and her family decide to go on a vacation trip to the family cabin, hoping to help cope with the final of her divorce.

Everyn decides to pop on Netflix and re-start her favorite TV show curled up in her room and wishes to be inside it and for it to be real. The wish tranports her inside her most intense, wildly dangerous and sexy series.

In year 872 when Uhtred of Bebbanburgs reign has just begun, he has no children, all stillborn, and he had been widowed three times over. Uhtred is cold and only craves one thing; blood and battle. Everyn feels love like no other and the loyalty and passion she has only ever dreamed of, however the dreams of love and reality are very different.....

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