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Book. "Bound by the Moon " read online
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#124 in Suspense
#462 in Romantic suspense

Complete 152 pages

Publication: 07.05.2022 — 03.07.2022
Contests: Bound by the Moon

Description of book "Bound by the Moon "

Anna la Luna is a young eighteen year old girl, ready to start college. She had always listened to her grandmothers stories of vampires and werewolves and thought them just fairy tales. She never thought her life would change so much in such a short time. Everything she knew would turn out to be a lie. The fairy tales were real, the monsters were real. Now, it's her responsibility was to unite the packs and be their alpha. To protect them. Without her, they would be destroyed.

Anna is bound to another by an oath made years before she was born. And her first change would be upon her soon. She needed to make a decision, and soon.


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Gena Elgie
01.07.2022, 07:48:38

I would love to read this book. but I can't because I work 2 full time jobs and you don't have the headband on here.

Gena Elgie
01.07.2022, 16:27:56

Anna Joubert, thank you, I will have to wait than.

Lorena Delgado
19.05.2022, 01:34:18

Hola, cómo estás?
Interesante comienzo, voy a esperar a que avances un poco más, y luego comenzaré a leerte.
Mil gracias, un abrazo!¡

Lorena Delgado
19.05.2022, 14:40:29

Ana Joubert, Ok, ansiosa por leer...
Buen día!¡

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