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Description of book "Broken by you"

Versana never had an easy life. Treated as a slave in her own house she got used to being neglected. But there was still a part of her that yearned for love and affection. Beautiful, fragile and innocent she was the light in the dark. A beautiful doll who smiled even after going through hell. Her smile was enough to lit the whole room.
Considering her as a burden her father married her off to Alexander Knight, business tycoon and the most eligible bachelor. Cold hearted and handsome. A deadly combination. Will Versana ever make her husband fall in love with her? The man she considers as her life? Or is her fate sealed by the devil?


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Leon Gage
29.04.2021, 21:30:40

nice work.. keep it up .. n pls update

Nishanka Nk
15.04.2021, 17:29:41

Hey author hope you update soon I am really curious about what happened nxt

Manuela Molnar
14.04.2021, 18:38:46

Hello author please update soon

Dream Soul
13.04.2021, 16:09:29

So sad plz author bring Sml

Dream Soul
12.04.2021, 10:34:10

Update more author

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