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Chasing Heart


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Age restriction: 18+

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Publication: 23.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "Chasing Heart"

Primrose Heart is just a normal girl who just work for living and survive alone after a tragic event came in her life. She got to cross paths with a cruel hot billionaire whom she works with as his personal secretary and maid.

Will their love for each other will break down the wall of their boundaries?


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Nahid Sheikh
12.12.2020, 16:01:36

interesting storyline writer...keep up the good work and please update soon.

Yamini Joshi
10.12.2020, 11:29:26

mad at gastrell for hurting prim. he should have left that Lina when prim enter his life again she might not have remember things but he did still he had his fling or casual thing with lina. n then acting mad when she had just lunch with his brother. hypocrite. tooo mad at him I hope he come into senses. Hope prim make him work now harder for her if he wants forgiveness or talk like mature instead of him running.

Yamini Joshi
10.12.2020, 11:23:39

liked your book going great just few spelling error. love all character.

Marilyn Lucero
08.11.2020, 10:07:11

Sounds interesting.

Godwin Ezelee
30.10.2020, 08:30:29

Nice story update please please please

31.10.2020, 04:03:19

Sofia Godwin, Thank you for the good feedback! I updated it just now. Happy reading! I hope you can support as I'll join this story on the My Love, billionaire contest! Lovelots!

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