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Description of book "Chocolate Milk"

They say the best chocolate is always bittersweet.
Meet Hannah Oba, princess and billionaire extraordinaire. She is fierce, arrogant and has a body only second to Beyonce's. With an ice heart, she really doesn't give a damn.
But when a dark past resurfaces, can she survive alone or will she need to be saved by a certain raven-haired boy with a heart warm enough to melt her own?
Park-Lee Junghwan is a bundle of sunshine. A Korean-American immigrant, he's got big dreams and an even bigger heart against all odds. His purity makes him a beacon of hope, joy and innocence.
But when he gets entangled with a bad girl billionaire, will his love be enough to conquer? Or will he learn that love can be a deadly game?

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Ngzollawa 29.12.2020, 21:09:03

wow.. great suspense

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Abigail Okoi-Obuli 31.12.2020, 19:55:26

Ngzollawa, Thank you! Be sure to like and share if you enjoyed!

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