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Publication: 03.12.2021 — 16.12.2021
Contests: A Christmas Miracle

Description of book "Christmas angel"

✨ Magic ?
Magic is when tears are wiped away and replaced with a smile.
Magic is when a non-believer believes in miracles.

What other time would one see this magic, than the one time of the year our inner child leaps out of us to sing, dance and open presents.

Embark to a journey of the people who felt the warmth of Christmas under the cold snow.

Can Dario King, a rich mill owner with a heart as cold as snow welcome this warmth or be immune and shut his eyes from a mysterious magical Christmas miracle?


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Payal Pradhan
24.03.2022, 10:29:48

awsome work author

Ad MK Shafali
16.12.2021, 09:52:57

outstanding,no words are enough to explain how good this book is , it's really a Christmas book author u just bold everyone out of magic book , love u from core of my heart May Allah bless u

16.12.2021, 08:56:25

Who's pouring water here?Absolutely loved and lived the entire story. Such heart warming and cute story. lots of love.

08.12.2021, 16:10:42 always leave us in suspense and it's instigates a delicious craving for more. The story is amazingly brewed up. Loved it.

Ad MK Shafali
08.12.2021, 16:08:49

I don't think village people sent her cause she is something magical

Ad MK Shafali
07.12.2021, 16:45:20

really angle !!!!

AnnaRCase guru
06.12.2021, 16:49:28

Hi. Could you add a bit more description on the plot of the book please? You have a good start, but perhaps maybe tweak a bit to add some more information to your last line in your annotation? I see that you have miracle mentioned in your opening, but could you possibly add miracle to the last line of your annotation too? That way the story can be more easily approved for the contest thanks :)

Sarah Armad (Devilsgoodgirl)
06.12.2021, 21:21:02

AnnaRCase, will surely do :)

Ad MK Shafali
05.12.2021, 14:32:16

really?? it's awesome book ,so cool ,like magic ,so wonderful ,love it ,

05.12.2021, 06:36:10

This story is turning intense and interesting. Can't wait for more.

Ad MK Shafali
04.12.2021, 04:49:04

I think it's going to be a it's a amazing story , it starting is so awesome , love it

kay ibrahim
04.12.2021, 02:10:23

woww this is different. u never seem to amaze me dear author. loves all ur stories.

Sara Azizunnisa
03.12.2021, 22:58:20

wow this story is very interesting.,.. you never fail to capture us with your story... Love you..mmuuaaahh

03.12.2021, 20:27:08

I'm so excited to read further. Such a refreshing context. Kudos to the dear author.

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