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Contract Wife or Childhood Love

Neha Barnwal

Story about:ceo, childhoodlove, contractmarriage

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#52 in Romantic suspense
#63 in Contemporary Romance

Ongoing: 28 Jul 39 pages

Publication: 04.07.2021 — ...

Description of book "Contract Wife or Childhood Love"

She was his childhood love,
He was her best friend,
She was his minnie,
He was her mickey,
They made a perfect duo.

But they got kidnapped and met after fifteen long years. Will they ever be able to fill the void between them? What if he is already marrying someone? Will there still be a soft corner left in his heart for her?

Samar Oberoi, CEO of a vast realm will be marrying Falak for making his company world's best. But what will happen if his childhood love, Kayra shows up in the midst of this with a mastermind plan? What if Falak and Kayra look alike? They say "if you meet your doppelganger often, one of you will die soon." Is it applicable here too?


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Nonkanyiso Bongeka
19.07.2021, 22:52:50

wow I'm waiting in suspense for the next chapters.

Neha Barnwal
20.07.2021, 10:10:36

Nonkanyiso Bongeka, Thanku so much for liking it.

Dream of books
13.07.2021, 15:57:03

dear can u please tell me it will be happy ending all Kayla and Sam will be together please

Dream of books
14.07.2021, 05:01:10

Neha Barnwal, kkk dear

Dream of books
06.07.2021, 19:02:52

well dear the description is so good waiting for more in future and all the best

Neha Barnwal
07.07.2021, 10:11:27

Dream of books, Thanku so much...I've updated the next chapter, please do read :)

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