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Publication: 06.03.2022 — 22.06.2022

Description of book "Cor'elette"

Ana has done it, she's left for the Middle East and after landing in the desert she is having second thoughts, that is until she met Staff Sgt. Cor'elette. Things begin to get a bit more complicated as she attempts to follow orders and administer to those who are caught up in the turbulence of war.


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Rachel WesternWind
25.04.2022, 21:43:02

Just a friendly reminder for my readers to please leave a comment on what you think of this chapter. Help your authors to continue with their endeavors by commenting!!! Thank you so much!

Rachel WesternWind
23.04.2022, 23:35:22

Hey you all!! Are you liking what you're reading? Please leave a comment and give this book a like for me will ya? This helps me the author know which direction to head in next...if you like what you're reading let me know Thank you!!

Rachel WesternWind
20.04.2022, 19:44:19

What do you think of this? The journey begins!!! Will you join us? Please leave a comment and click "like"! This will greatly assist me in knowing what to write. Thank you for stopping by and reading Cor 'elette! Hope to see you become one of my readers!! Sincerest Regards

Vina Aries
29.03.2022, 00:43:10

Reading the description, thank you for writing this, Rachel. Your writing reminds me of my late grandpa who was a pilot in the military. It feels like finding him again. I'll comment again after I finished read the book.

Rachel WesternWind
02.04.2022, 21:41:52

Vina Aries, Being a parent can be complicated at times. I'm a parent I have one child and he is 33 yrs old. Sometimes as a parent you have to make decisions that are not so popular. Write my friend, write what is in your heart. Very nice chatting with you.

Corinne Whittie
23.03.2022, 19:55:35

Very well written!! Exciting at times and easy to follow storyline.

Rachel WesternWind
24.03.2022, 04:03:01

Corinne Whittie, I thank you for that. Will you be following along as the story unwinds?

Corinne Whittie
23.03.2022, 19:55:07

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