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Crazy In Love

Lechna Baram

Story about:
school romance, school life, humorous


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Publication: 04.04.2020 — 10.04.2020

Description of book "Crazy In Love "

Kimberly Ella Perry Is a seventeen year old girl who just moved at her Aunt Lucy's because her parents are too busy working. The beautiful young girl will meet the mysterious, hot Aaron Johnson. Aaron find himself attracted to Kimberly but unfortunately, he's not single. Where is this attraction doing to bring them? Is a story possible between them? Read to find out.

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Aaruhi Sood 27.07.2020, 12:16:51


Aaruhi Sood 27.07.2020, 09:46:37

was it for the first time that Aoran kissed her?Actually i m reading another book along so i was confused.Could i know pls

Shaiyan Douglas 28.06.2020, 00:08:11


The lost Girl 23.06.2020, 18:22:33

I loved it d episode was so nice awwwwn :):):)

The lost Girl 23.06.2020, 17:06:01

Aaron was wrong to do what he did he should have thanked Kim not freak out on her it was heart breaking plz make it better for both of dem

The lost Girl 23.06.2020, 09:02:36

I love ur book it is very interesting a nice one

Victory 22.06.2020, 16:30:33

Woaw, this book is amazing
Great book, Lechna

toi victor 07.06.2020, 00:55:50

i really do love this book it was fun

91cc76e5dcaecb87 03.06.2020, 00:17:42

what a great story!!!!hearty cheers ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

91cc76e5dcaecb87 02.06.2020, 14:08:15

kim is so diplomatic n matured for her age.i wish i was like this at age seventeen

Zenze Oyiborode 30.05.2020, 22:24:22

All this kind of nurse.....why

Inya-Agha Joy Ebube 28.04.2020, 17:16:07

This book is awesome ... I could not stop reading. I loovee it!!!

Inya-Agha Joy Ebube 28.04.2020, 17:16:07

This book is awesome ... I could not stop reading. I loovee it!!!

Averyn Dev 27.04.2020, 13:34:36

i really enjoyed reading this book

Mockinja 26.04.2020, 15:45:12

Nice book ,just amazing

Kloe Young 23.04.2020, 17:44:35

I loved this book you are such a good writer

Favour Chiamaka 22.04.2020, 15:34:08

Comment text- this novel is so damn good...... I LOVE IT

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Lechna Baram 22.04.2020, 16:09:57

Favour Chiamaka, Thank you!

Eloho Ajagba 14.04.2020, 14:28:40

At least, he would have listen to her,after all is bcus, she care dat is y she made dat move.

Raven mockinja 12.04.2020, 23:33:45

Nice book

Shiza Naeem 10.04.2020, 21:09:23

Such a cute love story ...❤️❤️

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 10.04.2020, 11:46:53

An amazing story!..really love it. Please write more...just some sentance structure n grammer but awsome ...thanks!

Lourdes Lynn 09.04.2020, 17:58:00

your books are amazing

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 05.04.2020, 09:39:17

Just love your book....amazing..please update sooner!

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