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Dancing With Danger: Love Of A Mafia Boss

Tatum Whispers

Story about:mafia, mafia boss, mafia princess

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#171 in Romance
#24 in Romantic suspense

Ongoing: 18 Sep 62 pages

Publication: 18.08.2021 — ...

Description of book "Dancing With Danger: Love Of A Mafia Boss"

Lexi Rose is a girl that left home at a very tender age with the aspirations to make it big in the City. With a family that has shunned her, she navigates her way through life, looking for that one thing she lacks…the perfect man on her side.

Lucas Lucero is a ruthless Mafia Boss designed to drive any woman to the heights of seven sensations of pleasure. He dangles his finger in everything that brings danger and is for certain forbidden.

Yet, his paths cross with Lexi, and from the minute they make eye contact, he is captivated.

Though Lexi is different from most of the girls he is used to occupying himself with. She is Bipolar, which makes her life wild and unpredictable.

Yet, Lucas has the determination to tame her and let her take her rightful place by his side.


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Bel Espada
09.09.2021, 16:49:25

Just love it. Please i want more!

03.09.2021, 22:04:52

awesome!!!!! will this be free?????????

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