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Dark Blood

Phantasmagoric Xythe

Story about:
ghoul, immortal, reapers


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#241 in Romantic suspense
#180 in Dark fantasy

On Hold: 04 Jan 115 pages

Publication: 29.11.2018 — ...

Description of book "Dark Blood"

Addie, an innocent high schooler was living her normal life with her known mother's care before she found out that she was an immortal whom have lost her memories and was taken back into the league of the Dark Bloods; a demi immortal beings who expands their lives through eating souls. With her being soulless, she was used to be a living shell for lost spirits in order to feed Blade, a dark blood who was tired of killing humans just to satisfy his hunger for soul.

With the unexpected turns of events, Blade found out that Addie was owned by his older brother, Ethan who has soon brought out new revelations that made their lives turning into more complications and doubt of what's truth and lies.

Meeting new people and their roles in every event that connects the lives of one another.

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S. N. Nina Arthur 27.12.2019, 19:14:11

please read my book " Mixed feelings" and give a review about it guys

Kathleen Lindsey Sharp 22.09.2019, 21:32:21

up date plz

Yoako Tenshi 28.04.2019, 02:34:22

Wow! I'm a non-native english speaker, and this book is easy to understand and entertaining, keep it up!

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Heather Navy 12.06.2019, 17:35:47

Phantasmagoric Xythe, that´s so true

Krystal 15.05.2019, 19:32:44

you haven´t updated it for a long time, now i´ll have to read it again to remind me some details

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Phantasmagoric Xythe 16.05.2019, 09:44:55

Krystal, sorry.

Kath Snit 27.01.2019, 14:31:23

waiting for more pages!

Jenny 13.01.2019, 15:44:31

can't stop reading

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Phantasmagoric Xythe 15.01.2019, 04:53:43

Jenny, thank you.

Amie Knight 05.01.2019, 22:50:29

he´s awesome

Linsey Smith 25.12.2018, 21:17:48

love Ethan

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Phantasmagoric Xythe 28.12.2018, 06:57:30

Linsey Smith, I most likely agree. Haha.

Kelli Callahan 23.12.2018, 14:56:30

pls update soon

Nina Ainsworth 17.12.2018, 18:30:20

want to learn more

Savage Rose 02.12.2018, 13:41:04

very interesting! want to know what will happen next!

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Savage Rose 06.12.2018, 12:15:48

Phantasmagoric Xythe, great! thank you for your answer!

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