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Dark Night

Dark Night

Story about:the story is about terrorism

Age restriction: 18+

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#172 in Crime fiction

Complete 4 pages

Publication: 17.09.2020 — 17.09.2020

Description of book "Dark Night"

This story is about the terrorism and crimes that took place in the name of the religion. Many people were killed in a bomb blast and terrorist attack for the sake of religion. But the reality is that all these actions have no connection with religions. These criminal acts are only to destroy humanity. Religion taught ethics and respect for humanity, Nor any religion says to destroy humanity it's all fake teaching of fake dictators of religions. This story also condemned anti-social acts and customs that insults and oppresses females. which are followed by village people to satisfy their ego and criminal souls. It also criticizes violence on women and the destruction of their religious and social rights. It also shows how important a one right decision can save many lives and to think over

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Miranda Maureen
27.12.2021, 11:45:57

hello author. are still actively writing?

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