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Book. "Dear daddy" read online
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#24 in Romantic mystery
#130 in Romantic suspense

Complete 53 pages

Publication: 19.08.2022 — 06.09.2022

Description of book "Dear daddy"

HE: a divorcee and has a son, who's in love with her....

SHE: young with some struggles in life and in a relationship with his son...

But what will happen when the father of the son starts to show affection for her as well, who will she chose? Stay with the son or with Daddy!?

So please follow the love, passion, desire and heartbreak and drama of Sarah, Liam and his father Riley


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Amanda Abimbola
24.12.2022, 22:38:41

I love your story,kisses.

Marjory Bloom
24.12.2022, 20:40:37

Amanda Abimbola, Thanks dear means a lot!

Porchia Velma Dodd
20.09.2022, 22:22:40

I love all your books.. All your stories are straight to the point.
Intriguing and well written.

Marjory Bloom
20.09.2022, 22:33:24

Porchia Velma Dodd, well thanks dear!! i apreciate very much, specially this i sthebfirst time ever i started writing for others than myself so I'm still learning;)
please follow me for more!

Payal Pradhan
14.09.2022, 00:45:36

awesome work author

Marjory Bloom
14.09.2022, 05:41:11

Payal Pradhan, thanks dear!
do follow me for more!! !0)

Romantic novels
06.09.2022, 21:49:20

Nice story dear keep rocking...

Marjory Bloom
06.09.2022, 21:57:38

Romantic novels, thank you!!!!! du follow me please

05.09.2022, 14:03:40

I mean if they are happy then everything is going to be fine I'm happy they found their true love and Liam should move on I know it's not easy but ... sometimes we have to just move on

Marjory Bloom
05.09.2022, 14:26:34

Sunaina, exactly!! yes, happy you agree and i hope you like the story so far?

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