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Description of book "Dusk: The beginning of the end"

Draven a homeless 17 years old teenager encounters a Vampire he always dreamt about this vampire in his nightmares. He saw him killing people, and he met him today the vampire Arius and Draven will start to like eachother with time. Draven is not just anyone he is the prophesized child to bring about the eternity for all, now everybody witches, werewolves, and demons not only Vampires are coming after Draven. Yet Draven is just discovering his powers. Arius will help Draven, and Draven will only trust one Vampire Arius.

What is the prophecy? Is it as simple as Azrael believes.
What is everyone hiding? What else can Draven do what does the second part of prophecy fortells.
While Draven, and Arius are on run so they might find each other in difficult situation to figure out themselves

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26.04.2021, 23:40:34

Please express your thoughts here it keeps me going! Tell me how you think the story is going? How do you want the story to unfold. If it's alright than hit a like so I will know that you loved it thanks for reading! I am new here so your support in anyway will help me create more amazing Novels do ignore any specific typos I haven't checked it twice after writing due to excitement I just published it.

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