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Dusk 'til Mermaid


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mermaid, human, truelove


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Ongoing: 19 Jun 93 pages

Publication: 15.09.2019 — ...

Description of book "Dusk 'til Mermaid"

Girl by night, mermaid by day.

Bambina Gallagher has a secret. One that's hardly believable. Being cursed to be a mermaid may seem amazing to some but actually living it is a nightmare. Never being able to make friends with other people because she can't let her secret be known. What teenage girl wants to be studied, right?

But, what will happen to her when Aiden Parker finds her swinging one night at the park and discovers her secret the next morning on her way back to the ocean?

Will he keep it to himself?

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Wani Weke 10.06.2020, 11:51:39

Thanks for letting us know, it mightn't mean much but you have 'our' support. The book is good so far

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TigerSkitty 12.06.2020, 04:38:16

thank you so much

Olawunmi Jokotade 31.05.2020, 23:15:31

Sorry dear I understand what you might be going through, God is your strength but please upload soon am tired of waiting.

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Tess Macabuhay 21.02.2020, 07:23:37

more nice

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Anna Holmes 23.01.2020, 21:39:39

I enjoy reading please next episode

Pauletta Attaway 10.01.2020, 14:14:52


Katie Von 08.01.2020, 01:37:56

I need more updates

Kelly Wright 31.12.2019, 01:24:04

they seem to be happy

Dee Peric 15.12.2019, 14:26:17

what a nice couple

Kerry Ward 13.12.2019, 12:42:36

haha..yes, it takes eternity for a girl to get ready

Alicia Harrison 12.12.2019, 14:27:12

waiting for new chapters

Nicole Preedy 06.12.2019, 00:23:05

she's so beauty

Athena Bock 05.12.2019, 00:10:27

it is hard not to fell in love with her

Bertha Francis 03.12.2019, 00:52:55

Bambina is your new love, Aiden

Jenna Saren 02.12.2019, 13:27:00

publish more I need to learn more

Monica Spener 23.09.2019, 13:49:25

it's so stressful to live this life

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TigerSkitty 25.09.2019, 07:50:05

lol definitely stressful

Dee Peric 22.09.2019, 16:42:00

love this cover

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TigerSkitty 25.09.2019, 07:49:09

thank you :)

Dora Kellner 21.09.2019, 08:20:57

such a delicious story

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TigerSkitty 25.09.2019, 07:48:54

lol thank you

Sharon Brooke 20.09.2019, 18:03:29

what a beautiful cover

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TigerSkitty 20.09.2019, 18:38:15

thank you

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