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Publication: 15.11.2021 — ...

Description of book "Elf Heart"

Due to an incident in his youth, Prince Amatus became a pariah among the elves, rejected by even his own family. When a threat looms and someone must be sent to discover the source, he seizes the opportunity. However, to do so, he must go undercover at an all-girls school. Can he uncover the threat and restore his honor before being found out?


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Ihlam Khan
25.02.2022, 18:50:14

Noo !!! Plz update here too

Ihlam Khan
26.02.2022, 05:02:32

Bella Donna, You update on wattpad too?
Ill start reading on wattpad then

Ihlam Khan
25.02.2022, 09:41:29

I am hooked to this story

Bella Donna
25.02.2022, 18:19:47

Ihlam Khan, Thanks. BookNet won't let me comment from my main account all because a couple of my books are on Amazon. That's why I don't get on here as much and might not keep updating here to the end. I'm still deciding. I'll finish this book, but we'll see about the rest of the series

Ihlam Khan
25.02.2022, 05:16:26

Update fast plz
i wanna know the reason for the king's anger towards Amatus

Ihlam Khan
24.02.2022, 03:44:07

Damn poor Amatus
how could his brother be so abusive ?

Ihlam Khan
25.02.2022, 04:43:32

Ra In, yeah ik he is king but isn't Amatus his blood brother , How can he be so abusive ?

Ihlam Khan
22.02.2022, 12:41:50

when will you update ?
I am waiting impatiently plz update soon

Anie Styles
06.12.2021, 04:39:41

I have just started

Ra In
04.12.2021, 06:23:54

I want to give Amatus a hug :(

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