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On Hold: 02 May 90 pages

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Yanamarie Foster has no emotions. None. Nada. Nope. She wouldn't try to feel even if she could--sure, she lives life as an empty shell, but being a shell is better than being a hormonal idiot. Right?
Or at least, that was right until she befriends Libitina Martinez, a girl who asks her to show her how to feel less. And instead of feeling less herself, Yanamarie finds that her mind and emotionless-ness aren't always as they seem.

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Beulah Nkansah 26.06.2020, 15:22:28

Yana and Alice

MoonDancer 01.02.2020, 02:13:41

I totally agree with this character's morals amd views. I, too, resent the fact that the women have to clean while the men either laze around or do mediocre tasks. It just ticks my very inner-being. I love this character and this story, so far!

Julianna Gabriel 09.12.2019, 19:38:19

"How can such a tall man have such a short daughter?"
lol. That is the best line ever

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Good girl 13.12.2019, 13:36:08

Julianna Gabriel, ahahah

Kimberley Ostin 18.11.2019, 00:54:31

girls competing for a boy...what a waste of time

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Kimberley Ostin 19.11.2019, 19:42:57

Chara, haha

Dora Kellner 05.11.2019, 23:32:45

I love purple hair

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Alicia Harrison 06.11.2019, 00:47:01

Dora Kellner, me too.

Kelly Wright 04.11.2019, 13:11:16


Jenna Saren 03.11.2019, 00:54:42 it

Miri Golden 02.11.2019, 14:43:52

it's very easy to read

Julianna Gabriel 12.10.2019, 22:09:47

I absolutely love Yana! Her wit is perfect. I look forward to the next update.

Krystal 12.10.2019, 13:22:19


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