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Publication: 15.03.2021 — 18.07.2021

Description of book "Ex-Wife"

She stared at him with nothing but emptiness holding in her beautiful grey eyes.

"What are you doing here." She mumbled in a blank tone waiting for him to spit out the reason of him showing up.

"Amy I-I am sorry I just." His throat contracted in a painful way as he couldn't find the right words to speak further.

"It's Amelia. And I already forgave you. Didn't I then why are you here." He shook his head stepping forward which only caused her to step back from him.

"Please Amy I want you back. I know what I did was wrong but it was a mistake and." His words cut short with a small laugh that escaped from her lips.

"Wrong. You call this wrong. A mistake. Destroying someone's life isn't a mistake Mr. Stone. It's a sin. An unforgivable sin. And a forgiveness to is God's right not mine."


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Cari Leigh
26.05.2022, 15:59:35

Reading this story for the 2nd time❤️ Just cant get enough the emotions and everyting muahhh❤️

Anuradha Tiwari
11.05.2022, 17:28:30

I'm really greatful of u author... bcz this story is best... I have read many.. but this one is beyond everything.. the lession u gave us through each character of this is totally unimaginable.... thank you so much.. for kept it anyone can read this and got lessons... thanks again author.. lots of respect.. from India

Edna Palomares
25.04.2022, 09:58:17

Oh what a beautiful story author...congrats...

Kemi Oshodi Uka
24.04.2022, 00:54:54

Beautiful story

Ioana Botea
05.03.2022, 08:04:53

Congratulations your story was amazing

pooja kumari
26.02.2022, 11:22:33

i loved your story
this is the first story where FL did not go to her ex after cheating nd i loved it ;):)
i wanted to read harry's story too but its paid up book nd i cant afford it:(....

Anita Yadav
24.02.2022, 07:05:49

beautiful story with beautiful emotions...guilt is the strong emotion among all.. feeling sad for liam at the end, pls give him a beautiful story as well, because with that much guilt he felt, making me also sad.. pls give liam also a beautiful ending... :)

Jane Moralde
15.02.2022, 10:19:06

Finally. Complete reading this story. Thank you author. A good read. Love the plot. I love Xander's role, how he loves Amelia. Great.

Jane Moralde
11.02.2022, 12:25:11

This is a good read. Somewhat different plot than those that I have read. Just a few comments which I hope will be taken positively. One, on some sentence construction. It is not so good. Some words are interchange. Too on grammar. Also some typo errors. Over-all, this is a good book but a few corrections will make this better. And still, thank you. Not everyone writes for free.

Sambodhi Deogade
18.01.2022, 09:14:02

I loved the story. It is amazing. plz add a bonus chap with their baby. and what happened to Liam? He regrets now and he too deserve a happy life....come with a story of Liam tooo..

Azhagi Seetul
07.02.2022, 11:28:27

Sambodhi Deogade, Hi, read "Vengeful Redemption" You'll get your answers

Loveth Agbake
31.01.2022, 16:08:48

love dis book thanks

Sunita Kumari
31.01.2022, 15:00:12

Hii Ma'am. First of all thanks 4 such a beautiful story and also thanks for ur concern by not making it paid.
Ma'am I'm 1 of ur big fan. I want some help from u, to guide me in writing such adorable stories like yours. If not possible then try sharing yours success stairs but pls do consider my request.

Cari Leigh
14.01.2022, 12:46:23

Loved every bit of it !!

Alyroa Jupiter
28.12.2021, 21:38:54

what about liam ... did his story end like this

13.01.2022, 06:07:35

Alyroa Jupiter, I have the same query....what happened to him...

Cameo Morris
09.01.2022, 14:14:57

I enjoyed this story. Good portrayal of characters with just enough suspense to keep the plot moving. Well done!

Safiya Khadar Mohammad
29.12.2021, 14:18:26

I Had Heart touching emotions with dis book.keep writing.All d best

Cecilia Njuguna
04.12.2021, 01:33:07

Simply amazing dear author. I love how you potrayed Amelia as a strong woman, despite all she went through she was able to let go of her past and enjoy the present. Wow!! Thankyou looking forward to read more of your amazing stories.

Rashi Sahlot
02.12.2021, 10:15:04

indeed a nice book :)

Rashi Sahlot
01.12.2021, 18:26:25

loved it, B-)

Zuzu Zuzu
22.11.2021, 19:30:46

I have to say-this is one of the best books in booknet, totally different story, amazing!!

21.11.2021, 06:36:08

amazing story dear.... thanks for making it free.
I hope you will write more fantastic stories like this in the future and make them free so we could read them.

18.11.2021, 19:29:16

I love it

Rukhsar Busgeet
12.11.2021, 18:47:19


Family Affairs
08.11.2021, 06:35:18

One of the best story i’ve read. Amazing! One of the top story worth reading.

Josie joe
03.11.2021, 17:45:09

wow.. this story fascinating my whole mind: the tears and heartbreaking and the feeling of forgiveness. love the plot story and characters. Thank you for written such an awesome story, author.

Sharon Hartsoe
26.10.2021, 03:00:30

Liam didn't just cheat, he destroyed her and her brother. It is too much to overcome.

12.10.2021, 23:35:32

I did not understand one concept in ur side u show that Liam's loves n missed Amelia then y is he having relationships with other girls..if u wana show him as characterless or u wana show him tat he did out of anger on just be honest u r a little weak in portraying tat character dear...plz I m just giving honest reviews coz u r amazing

Hannah Heath
28.09.2021, 11:14:27

This story was absolutely fantastic!! You did a really good job!! I will most definitely read your next book...its already in my library!

Florence Chomba
19.09.2021, 23:08:48

Wow, brilliant book

Thiyagi My love
17.09.2021, 07:25:31

I love this book very much Amelia s one of my favorite FL she s a women with some sense, lots and lots of self respect, kind, intelligent I love u so much Amy and Xander too

23.08.2021, 12:26:03

wow , it was simply amazing. But I feel so bad fir Liam are u going to write about him as well.

15.09.2021, 18:54:19

Thiyagi My love, hey that's what I was saying a new love story , a second shot at happiness for Liam with someone else. so are u going to write?

Neelam Salve Naik
11.09.2021, 08:23:52

The last part of Chapter 32 is THE BEST chapter i've ever read in any story.......(Authors PoV).

Neelam Salve Naik
11.09.2021, 08:14:37

Comment has been deleted

Neha Garg
04.09.2021, 23:14:32

poor. Rose she would have To endure violence I think. but that's her fault. her one mistake totally changed Harry. she was not planning that but due to heat of the moment she did it. I m excited To read their story.
well this story is too good. thanks author. keep writing And update regularly. good Luck

Neha Garg
03.09.2021, 21:16:01

hmm. that was so funny And damn hot

Neha Garg
03.09.2021, 20:17:41

you could meant To be but you destroyed everything. it's noone's fault. it's you only

Neha Garg
03.09.2021, 17:17:54

beautiful story. thanks author

Makasa Makungu
01.09.2021, 03:01:49

This one of the best books I have read here on booklet. You are good writer showing strength of a woman

24.08.2021, 07:27:35

wow you are such a good author u gave justice for female lead not like other books if the male lead f****** numerous woman even infront of female lead she will forgive him easily just by little crying and saying sorry but I r really best author hands off to u I really enjoyed this book

Dr-Hana Khalid
29.07.2021, 16:18:01

Nice story was worth reading

Fatima Jebbari
28.07.2021, 13:33:49

I love it ?

Prakrithi Kotian
28.07.2021, 11:57:54

story was really good ....I liked strong female lead

Hasnat Jahan
28.07.2021, 10:54:48

I really love this book.

Rachael Macharia
27.07.2021, 02:49:29

Congratulations author you have done a great job..kudoss.. let's see if she will sighn the papers.. can't wait for the next chapter thanks

Rachael Macharia
27.07.2021, 02:48:02

waaaooo,,,,mooob looooveee dear
ok I hope the second book is freee

Chanderika Sharma
23.07.2021, 19:44:09

You are a brilliant, Amazing , multi- talented , humble , beautiful, mind- blowing Author ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️.

Mirah Selim
23.07.2021, 21:55:03

Chanderika Sharma, ;)

Lakhan Sav
22.07.2021, 11:14:13

wow wow wow just wow...this story is very inspiring and beautiful taught us many things in your story...that love can happen twice...everyone has a second chance ...and most important always respect and cherish what we have, because once we have damaged it, its mark is always there and by the time we realize our mistake and what we have lost, it is too late ..and most important u taught us is women's self respect...I'm so glad that Amelia didn't go to him after what Liam did to her... but now give 2nd chance in love to Liam too... he realized his mistake and had to suffer for it... plz it's my request... I really love this story soo much... u r amazing writer... thnks for writing such a wonderful story... ヾ(^-^)ノ

Mirah Selim
23.07.2021, 21:54:05

Lakhan Sav, Found ya ;)

Chanderika Sharma
23.07.2021, 19:18:55

How could you wrote too good . I literally have no words to describe your talent .

23.07.2021, 17:38:01

So good though I feel sad for Liam but for Amelia am happy ND xandy too but do think even though a short story but try to write for Liam please ❤

Jennifer Zeigler
22.07.2021, 16:16:04

It’s a beautiful story, and I loved the happy ending ❤️

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