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Fallen Unknowingly...


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firstlove, fallen unknowingly, strong female


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#46 in Suspense
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Ongoing: 12 Mar 317 pages

Publication: 14.07.2019 — ...

Description of book "Fallen Unknowingly... "

This is story of a guy who is perfect in every manner. He left India and circumstances drew him back at age of 23. He want to fix everything back to normal in his best friend life. But things go worse day by day. He meets a girl in wrong circumstances…, even though unknowingly they bond to do something. They know life never stops. He becomes her partner. She understands him and he never leaves her. They know what they are and what they can do. But..., life is planned differently not everything goes as planned... Always.
She is clumsy and she becomes the beautiful impresction of his perfect life. She is brave and never loose soemthing without a fight. She is not judgemental.
He can't take betrayals and because he lost trust in his dearedt one it's hard for him to trust anyone randomly.

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Catsoline Grace 08.02.2020, 12:38:40

love this so much!!

Dee Peric 21.01.2020, 00:35:05


Cary James 20.01.2020, 12:58:14

Sanvi is strong

Hannah Parizo 11.01.2020, 15:22:18

update soon pls

Jenna Saren 09.01.2020, 00:52:44

poor girls

Daielle Blade 08.01.2020, 19:09:12

why do they drug girls?

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Baghiii 08.01.2020, 20:07:00

To sell them...

Tiffany Kole 07.01.2020, 00:33:51

I was waiting so long for the updates

Rosalie Daramay Leyesa 26.12.2019, 09:52:13

update plss. thanks

Katie Von 25.12.2019, 12:30:59

It is interesting to read

Cira Shalash 07.12.2019, 00:42:56

good story

Wicky 07.11.2019, 01:38:23

Sanjay doesn't want it

Ann Rivera 04.11.2019, 01:15:40

waiting for continuation

Miri Golden 03.11.2019, 00:35:05

you are not stupid dude

Kim Miller 17.10.2019, 19:31:09

I need updates

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Baghiii 17.10.2019, 19:52:58

Tomorrow, i will update the next chapter...
so please do wait...

Lisa Lay 14.10.2019, 16:23:13

in a month they are best friends

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Lisa Lay 15.10.2019, 17:09:02

Baghiii, yeah, but I need more time to become friends with somebody, they are lucky to have each other

Dee Peric 08.10.2019, 00:44:17

don´t forget to write names in capital letters

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Dee Peric 13.10.2019, 23:37:20

Baghiii, well done

Sharon Brooke 07.10.2019, 13:33:57

party, yeah!!!

Nicole Preedy 24.09.2019, 12:19:35

target cool:)

Marie Thomas 23.09.2019, 13:43:32

I prefer not to give importance to nobody, more than my life...

Kessily Brunet 15.07.2019, 15:42:12


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Kessily Brunet 08.09.2019, 14:34:49

Baghiii, I love it!!

Kim Miller 07.09.2019, 23:42:48

keep it up

Jess Conibear 06.09.2019, 17:45:38

I love it

Andrea Bartorelli 28.07.2019, 20:19:33

Alcohol is a big problem, I wish it didn´t exist

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