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zarnish arif

Story about:love and romance

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#3926 in Romance
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On Hold: 20 Apr 7 pages

Publication: 21.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "Fantasy"

A girl who lives in a small town with full of hopes. She wants to be loved. A time came when she loved by someone and her fantasy came true. Time passes and she felt herself as a princess. But the turn came, when her whole fantasy world broke into pieces like mirror. Whole love changes into a disaster world. What the reason of this broken and why this happened? To know this reason and her last decision of either to make-up or to break-up you have to read this novel. Read whole chapters to know mysterious end of love story.


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Beautiful princess
20.04.2021, 20:41:31

Update soon author cant wait

Beautiful princess
19.04.2021, 21:03:23

Cant waitttt for nextt!!!

Beautiful princess
18.04.2021, 09:21:32

Soo much curious to know why did he call her....!!! Update plzz author

Beautiful princess
15.04.2021, 05:23:28

Hey author ❤ i love ur book .. keep updating plzz

Beautiful princess
17.04.2021, 13:07:53

zarnish arif, :) thanks alottt ❤

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