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Book. "Fifty Shades Of The Nun." read online

Fifty Shades Of The Nun.


Story about:mafia gangs, mafiaprincess, nun

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#886 in Billionaires
#2337 in Romance

Complete 124 pages

Publication: 17.10.2022 — 01.11.2022

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Description of book "Fifty Shades Of The Nun."

"Sometimes it is better to live with the demons than getting drowned by the ones you thought cared..."...drop me cannot take me...who the hell do you think you are..."Twenty-three-year-old, Xiomara Cortex is from Columbia. She buries her unquenchable past. By the time she was Nineteen, she had fled from her intolerable foster family and found herself in a different- similar world. She finds a way to survive in the promiscuous city, by being a sexy damsel in a strip club. One night changes her story, as the mysterious feared man in the country, Kervyn is brought to the club by his friends, to get over his breakup with his girlfriend.In a tangled story, she is drawn back to her past, her only consolation is that Kervyn, is her protector, but what happens when she fall in love?


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Esther Ivory
20.11.2022, 22:23:28

a wonderful story really loved it
keep it up

Beaulah Onuoha
04.11.2022, 03:18:45

Wonderful story u won't believe I read all in one night
Nice work

01.11.2022, 23:23:37

Love your books... Inspired writer.

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