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Fighting for her


Story about:mystrey forbiden love having to choose

Age restriction: 18+

2 12

#136 in LGBT
#359 in Paranormal Romance

On Hold: 25 Feb 4 pages

Publication: 20.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "Fighting for her"

Sarah a millionaire also also the soon to be the owner of her tribe falls in love with a mortal Lauren. The thing is Sarah is a vampire and is suppose to only fall in love with another vampire and further more it is suppose to with a guy.
She is left now to choose what is she going to do choose love or choose wealth or fight to have both. How will Lauren feel when she realize that she has to turn a vampire and that means leaving everyone one behind. What are the choices they are going to make.

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rubiya sulthana
08.03.2021, 03:18:59

are u updating this book??

27.03.2021, 02:37:37

rubiya sulthana, Hi yes I am

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