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Finding Love


Story about:love and hate, billionaire, romance

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#475 in Romantic suspense
#1132 in Billionaires

On Hold: 27 May 7 pages

Publication: 24.05.2021 — ...

Description of book "Finding Love"

When Lisa gets a job to work for one of the richest CEO who can help her achieve her dreams of becoming one of the richest and famous event planner in America.
She finds out that her new boss is not who she expects him to be. When she tried to stop herself from falling in love with him, she decides to pretend to be in love with one of his workers hoping she would be able to disregard her feelings for him.

Her plan doesn't work as she she finds herself in a love triangle with two men. Things get complicated as she tends to choose but regardless of her choice, the men are not willing to let her go.

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Dream Soul
28.05.2021, 15:50:28


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