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Fists Of Fury , Heart Of Stone

Caine Foster

Story about:love, revenge, tragedy

8 163

#613 in Young adult
#5177 in Romance

On Hold: 29 Apr 5 pages

Publication: 28.04.2020 — ...

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Description of book "Fists Of Fury , Heart Of Stone"

The best fighter in town. The fists of whom can rip apart any other who stands in the way of his glory. Merciless, Ruthless, Cruel &Unstoppable.KLA.There is nothing that can stop him from achieving his goal. But does he even have one ? He has lost his reason. A soul full of hate and spite.
But it all changes when someone marches into his life as a ray of hope, to save his heavy dirty soul.She gives him hope makes him a better person and loves him with her life. And someone he loves too much .

But does his sins weigh too much upon him? will
all be taken from him by someone. Someone who wants to ruin him ?who wants to turn him again into a monster. But can Kla prevent it ?Can his 'Fists Of Fury' strike just in time to, provide him with his ultimate revenge and win the love of his life


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