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Book. "Fractured" read online
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#154 in Dark fantasy
#18 in Urban fantasy

Complete 386 pages

Publication: 13.10.2022 — 07.01.2023

Description of book "Fractured"

Philadelphia is a city that never sleeps.
But neither do the monsters that hide in the darkness.
13 years after the events of Shattered, lives have taken root. Nathan Blake is an art professor by day and a gang leader by night. He has kept his double life separate for years, but one wrong move threatens to let them collide. Serenity Mason's marriage has become strained, and a series of events put their love at risk. Reid Hawke is lost. He has never been the same since being on the run, and his scars run deep. And Kara Gray, the little girl who Nathan rescued, has grown into a huntress.
A war brews, a string of murders sends everything into chaos, and something sinister emerges from the shadows. Time is running out, and nothing they have ever known will be the same again.


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