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Book. "Friends 2 lovers." read online

Friends 2 lovers.

Marjory Bloom

Story about:love triangle, hate to love, 2 boys 1 girl

Age restriction: 18+

110 3783

#772 in Romance
#221 in Romantic erotica

Complete 45 pages

Publication: 13.08.2022 — 30.08.2022

Description of book "Friends 2 lovers."

Cameron has the best life ever, a family that loves her, good education at a good university and the BFF's in the form of Richard & Sam.They've known each other since highschool and than trough Law school they stayed in contact as well, although a little less because they had some different classes but when they were free they were inseperatble and they had one thing in comon, they loved crime!
But time comes that they all part ways doing there own thing.
Cameron becomes a criminal case lawyer Richard becomes a a judge and Sam joins the Police force.
But what will happen if the friends meet again and find themselfs having completley different feelings for each other than the friendship they had before at school...?


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Ishika ghochait
13.01.2023, 18:23:01

Nice story

Marjory Bloom
13.01.2023, 20:34:35

Ishika ghochait, Yeah most of them are free....those are the onces i done in the begining.
Well enjoy! and please follow me if you want to receave news about updates and stuff!

Lynn Austria
03.09.2022, 06:20:04

Nice love story with a twist, love reading them, congratulations ????????????

Marjory Bloom
03.09.2022, 09:50:41

Lynn Austria, thank so much, I'm happy you enjoyed!

Patience Boniface
30.08.2022, 22:00:08

good job

Marjory Bloom
30.08.2022, 22:17:42

Patience Boniface, thank you, I'm wrapping the story up tonight or tomorrow!

Patience Boniface
30.08.2022, 15:06:32

nice update more chapters

Marjory Bloom
30.08.2022, 18:43:56

Patience Boniface, i just put chap. 18 online, enjoy!!

Vigal Osuji
29.08.2022, 10:49:36

Nice book sweet, can't wait for new updates.

I feel sad for Sam though

Marjory Bloom
29.08.2022, 11:00:23

Vigal Osuji, thank you so much for reading and liking my story!!
I'll do my best, i think i will update today because I'm about to finish my story Yes Dr. Daddy.
check also my other story's .
have good day and follow me:)

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