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Fuckboy's Sidechick

Alexis Dee

Story about:badboy, heartbreak, bullying

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Publication: 02.08.2020 — 23.09.2020

Description of book "Fuckboy's Sidechick"

"Come on, don't be so shy." he pulled me back in his lap, the contact between our bodies was oddly terrifying. He knew the type of girl I was and I expected him to take it slow.

"Tucker please someone will see us." I looked around in fear, how can he be so chill about it while his parents and sister were at home. If his father sees us like this, we are dead.

"Lemme see your body." he whispered in my ear and my body contracted, I wasn't used to such wordings, damn I hadn't seen couples kissing in movies.

"Tucker, not now." I tried to pull myself away from him but he was holding me tightly. I felt him breathing on my neck and it didn't feel right.

"Tucker stop." everything escalated when he grabbed my face and forced me to turn my neck to him so he can kiss me.

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Manasvi Panchal 10.09.2020, 16:47:37


Ezere Yadirichi 10.09.2020, 16:04:36


Layla Inaya khan 10.09.2020, 15:09:20

Update asap

Naomie 10.09.2020, 13:52:16

Pls update fast, I can't wait to read the next chapter

farhanatu abubakar 10.09.2020, 12:59:02

oh no I feel sorry for giselle and I hope someone could save her from that evil tuck.and that evil woman I hated since the beginning is actually encouraging her son.please let giselle be saved.looking forward to read the next chapter.

Sonam Sharma 10.09.2020, 12:52:25

Both mother- son pair is psycho.Lauren is always a manipulative lady.What they wanted to do with Giselle?? Update next chap asap dear.

Layla Inaya khan 10.09.2020, 12:09:09

What the hell how can turker do this to her . I dk why I feel that Steven will come for her rescue so I am not that worried but I really want turker and his mom to be punished.

Layla Inaya khan 10.09.2020, 07:40:07

Wow I'm in love with Gisele and Steven. More updates Asap please. Can't wait to see what happens. Let them kiss already ugh.

Harendra singh Tomar 10.09.2020, 07:00:02

Mmmh now it's getting interesting ❤️❤️ tq u mam 10.09.2020, 01:31:33

Today's chap

farhanatu abubakar 09.09.2020, 23:03:57

wow wow wow wow Giselle, she did the right thing by breaking up with tuck.looking forward to read the next chapter.

divya sri 09.09.2020, 19:22:26

Iam eagerly waiting for next one

divya sri 09.09.2020, 19:22:04

She's so cool and I want her to say to all especially Steven that she has nothing to do with Tucker

rubeena bhatt 09.09.2020, 18:03:53

I wholeheartedly hated Giselle and god knows that she deserved it.. But after today's episode i am relieved and happy.. Now i know that i genuinely liking this bold Giselle.. And please don't ruin anything further for her and steven..!!

komal sahni 09.09.2020, 17:50:03

Wow.... Impressive

divya sri 09.09.2020, 12:31:55

Plz update soon

Layla Inaya khan 09.09.2020, 10:51:54

Update soon please

May L 09.09.2020, 07:58:29

she will have the guts to tell them the truth or i will hate Giselle for this i mean Steven Oh my god i fell sorry for him!! ANYWAY AUTHOR I LIKE YOUR STORY WITH OLIVIA JUST REMEMBERING HOW GOOD IS TELL YOUR FRIEND KEEP UP THE UPDATE!!

farhanatu abubakar 08.09.2020, 23:01:50

Giselle did the right thing,i feel proud of her.looking forward to read the next chapter.

Swe et Biya 08.09.2020, 22:47:37

thank God finally she stands for steven

Sonam Sharma 08.09.2020, 20:01:28

OMG m so so excited for next chapter what will happen next ?? Pls update next chap asap dear. Finally first time in her whole life Giselle took the right decision.

divya sri 08.09.2020, 14:09:14

When she will realize her feelings for Steven and get away from Tucker

Sonam Sharma 08.09.2020, 09:14:06

m feeling really bar for Steven.

Harendra singh Tomar 07.09.2020, 20:33:11

Hello mdm, how was ur day.. I guess it at a little tired

Ruhi 07.09.2020, 14:52:15

Elle is stepped on two boats at the same time.

komal sahni 07.09.2020, 12:44:54

Why is she so dumbbbb?????? No self respect...

tina.r 07.09.2020, 10:14:37

update please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jyoti Sharma 07.09.2020, 09:40:28

I think , steven is the best .

May L 07.09.2020, 07:08:48

THANK AUTHOR FOR COMING BACK I MISS YOU AND YOUR STORY!!! i support your friend book yes is a great story as well!!

Alexis Dee 06.09.2020, 11:08:50

New update in one hour!

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Vedanti Agashe 06.09.2020, 13:02:01

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Harendra singh Tomar 06.09.2020, 13:25:43

U not gonna update

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Alexis Dee 06.09.2020, 22:52:15

Harendra singh Tomar, Okay okay, I hope you enjoyed it.

Alexis Dee 06.09.2020, 13:29:41

New chapter is up.

Sonam Sharma 06.09.2020, 13:22:28

oh dear I missed ur updates so much.. n I miss stupid Giselle, Steven n Tucker too.

Manasvi Panchal 05.09.2020, 19:20:10

it's been so many days nd u said that u will update regular., all are waiting for your next update......please updated as soon as possible

Sonam Sharma 05.09.2020, 18:56:17

when will u update next chap dear?? waiting for updates.

Vedanti Agashe 05.09.2020, 17:47:00

Comment has been deleted

Alexis Dee 03.09.2020, 20:41:13

Regular updates from tomorrow ❤️❤️

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Mahajabeen Shaik 05.09.2020, 11:35:27

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sehija hans 05.09.2020, 09:31:43

I love this story..please update as soon as possible...

May L 05.09.2020, 06:25:44

please for love for this story UPDATE!!!! make it your return here!!!

Elsa anderson 04.09.2020, 18:41:59

Updateeeeee plzzzzzzzzzzzz ❤️❤️

Ritika Gupta 03.09.2020, 16:21:20

I can't wait anymore. please update dear

Stephany Keller 03.09.2020, 12:28:53

Dear writer, the 5 days are over. waiting for updates plsss

Sonam Sharma 02.09.2020, 20:34:45

when will you update author. missing ur updates.

Swe et Biya 01.09.2020, 19:54:50

please update

Ruhi 01.09.2020, 07:27:51

When your next update

MARY 31.08.2020, 00:24:32

Noelia cortalezzi 30.08.2020, 02:55:03

Más capítulos por favor. Me fascina la historia pero a Giselle ya deberían creerle un par de pelotas como se dice en mi pais

Alexis Dee 29.08.2020, 18:21:11

Hey, I have made a post regarding why I haven't updated and when I am coming back....

Love you guys.

Rina Sofyana Paloh 29.08.2020, 18:17:57

Hello writer... Are you okay?. We wait you update dear.hope you always good.

Layla Inaya khan 29.08.2020, 13:26:30

Heyy are u fine? Haven't updated since two days. Hope everything is good. Take care.

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