Book. "G A I N S A Y" read online
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#178 in Romantic fantasy
#126 in Young adult

Ongoing: 10 May 16 pages

Publication: 10.04.2022 — ...
Contests: Bound by the Moon

Description of book "G A I N S A Y"

Ace Garcia woke up from his coma to find out that his love, Hazel Everson, haven’t been coming to visit him for three weeks. He was worried that something may have happened to her but realized later on that she packed her things and left him willingly. Only leaving behind ripped pictures of them on the bedroom floor.
Two years later, she reappeared in his life asking for his forgiveness. However, Ace refused and kept pushing her back. Until she confessed to him secrets that she had been hiding. About both her and him.
Ace gainsaid her confessions, refusing to believe her. However, day by day, changes will occur, secrets will be unveiled and he will be forced to believe what she says.


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