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Book. "Gom 1 - Don't Open That Door" read online
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#39 in Supernaturals
#61 in Paranormal Romance

Complete 280 pages

Publication: 10.01.2021 — 16.01.2021

Description of book "Gom 1 - Don't Open That Door"

Alex and Claire Corban live their ordinary carefree lives in their ordinary small town. Until their family past catches up with them, and they'll be forced to face a hidden world of supernatural creatures, pushing them down a road they're not sure they want to take.


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Ayomide Aransiola
30.06.2021, 21:42:13

Nice book author, more grace to your elbow.

Yvonne Janhi
18.02.2021, 11:26:05

I really enjoyed this book and I'm so shocked it ended...when is the 2nd one coming out..Alex and the crew of bold peak gave me an adventure I still want to enjoy ??

MC Prelooker
08.04.2021, 14:26:14

Yvonne Janhi, Hey there! GoM 2 coming up with more of the Corbans' adventures ;D

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