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Description of book "Gonna love you anyway"

"Riya? What are you doing here? At this hour?" Arab said while sitting right next to me.
"Vikram..." I said while looking up at the sky.
"What he did with you?"
"I proposed him."
"That's a good news! Finally you made it. Wait, what did he answered?" His tone of the voice changed.
"Before he could say something, my mom called us for dinner. There he met my sister. And I found that they knew each other very before." I could feel the stream in my voice so I stopped for a moment and looked down to hide the tears.
"How did they know each other? "
"They used to study together then and they used to date for those 2 years. They broke up just a year ago."
"Well that could be a mess if they were st..."
"He shattered my sister, her heart. You wasn't there when my sister was broke. I've seen her.


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Beautiful princess
04.05.2021, 08:51:26

Riya, ❤

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