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Heart of The Spartan - The Dark Flower

Robert Gregory

Series: Spartan Eclipse

Story about:love, war, ancient sparta

Age restriction: 18+

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#89 in Historical Romance
#21 in Military

Complete 147 pages

Publication: 08.05.2019 — 12.05.2019

Description of book "Heart of The Spartan - The Dark Flower"

Fifteen years after Leonidas' heroic defence of the pass of Thermopylae, Sparta continued to ensure the purity of their blood by casting imperfect babies from the cliffs of Mount Taygetus, and by sending out naked youths armed with daggers, the dreaded Krypteia, to terrorise the native Helot slaves, murdering any potential threats at the dead of night.
In 465 BCE a Spartan youth on the verge of graduation from the Agoge, history’s most brutal military academy, is subverted by competing political intrigues and caught in a triangle of lust, love and jealousy from which death or rebellion can be the only escape.
This is book one in the series, Spartan Eclipse.

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Bonkieni Cornelius 18.05.2020, 22:02:06


mustapha opeyemi 14.01.2020, 16:59:18

awesome story and a spectacular author.

Cary James 17.05.2019, 21:08:22

I found it so short

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Robert Gregory 18.05.2019, 18:04:06

Cary James, Leads straight onto "Blood of the Rebel", also here on Litnet.

Mark Timber 12.05.2019, 17:15:48

thanks for showing the map in the end

Anthony Sterling 09.05.2019, 21:52:52

I add it

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Anthony Sterling 10.05.2019, 03:14:31

Anthony Sterling, I´ve started reading it, I like it at the moment

Joe Marh 08.05.2019, 13:38:53

great story, good narrative, pleasant reading

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