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#2075 in Fantasy
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On Hold: 24 Nov 6 pages

Publication: 23.11.2020 — ...

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Description of book "Her Mystery Guy"

How the tables have turned...
Tempting the rich badgirl has never been so easy yet so hard.

When young Jaden wakes up one morning and finally gains the courage to walk up to his crush, he's brutally sabotaged from the social aspects of his life.

Now, later, he still has his friends, a loving family, his future ahead of him and incredible options for romantic choices [since he's climbed back up the social ladder] but none can compare to his childhood crush; rich badgirl "Thorn".

She's savage, ruthless, cunning, careless, gorgeous, sharp, hot, wicked, fashionable, powerful and most importantly; single.

As she hits a rough patch causing her to become more harsh and lock people out, Jaden steps up his game and meets the mark.

Thorn could never possibly resist a mysterious stranger.


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