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" I think you need to be punished whore." turned around and pulled me with him, my hair still in his grasp. He pulled me up the stairs with him. My hands on his trying to free my hair from his grip. He climbed up and stood near the last step and turned towards me. 

" Get ready wifey."  He smirked while speaking.

" I fall you fall jerk! " I wisper.

He pushed me down releasing my hair. I fist both of my hands on either side of his shoulder and pull him down by pulling his coat. He stumbles because of my unexpected move and holds my waist by pulling me closer and supporting my head by placing his hand under it. I fall down with Jason on top of me.

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Arundhati Sengupta 16.04.2021, 18:32:40

Courtney sure is having drastic mood swings

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Tilda Morte 17.04.2021, 11:30:33

Arundhati Sengupta, yes she is :)

Divija Muppidi 16.04.2021, 21:21:37

she should've just filed a divorce based on domestic violence. why is she not doing that?? She could also get Jason's mom to testify as witness of the abuse. she would have good chances of getting a divorce that way.

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Divija Muppidi 17.04.2021, 10:23:41

Tilda Morte, yeah I know. but it's not like she's pressing fake charges. He literally tried to kill her.not once but countless times.

Tooba Khaliq 17.04.2021, 02:37:19


emma farnan 16.04.2021, 23:42:06

Please make the chapters longer author :)

Divija Muppidi 16.04.2021, 11:11:05

and Tilda!! girl!! waiting impatiently for the update. I also love to read Jason's pov

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Divija Muppidi 16.04.2021, 15:11:45

Tilda Morte, I'm exciiiiiteeeeddd!!!

Arundhati Sengupta 15.04.2021, 18:25:22

So Jason is accepting the child to be his. Pls give Jason's POV regarding his behaviors towards her.

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Tilda Morte 16.04.2021, 11:35:08

Arundhati Sengupta, I'll give you guys Jason's POV very soon

Divija Muppidi 16.04.2021, 11:09:59

it's absolutely stupid of her to go back and live with him. it's not a normal situation where they had an argument or a disagreement and are not talking to each other. This is proper physical abuse and domestic violence case. Will she be able to forgive herself if he does something wrong in a fit of impulsiveness and it effects the baby??

emma farnan 14.04.2021, 22:51:15

I don't understand why she is still there with him to be honest. In that abusive relationship how could she just doddle back home with him. Frustrating to see her stupidity, she should have her unborn baby's safety as a priority, not out wining and dining with an unpredictable violent, wife beating pig! Make her leave him, and even after he explains his actions she should not forgive him and his tortures. He almost killed her several times why would she even want him to accept the baby? She should recognise he doesn't deserve to be a father instead of romanticising.

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Dream of books 15.04.2021, 07:01:13

emma farnan, I agree with you but Jason has his past and it's misunderstanding I know that he almost killed her many times but from his side we can only think that without misunderstanding so I think it's better if they discussion about why he behaved like that in past

Dream of books 15.04.2021, 06:58:52

hey I think she should know the past of Jason so he can understand why he behaved like that in past please author i want both of them to be together please

Erna 14.04.2021, 23:57:36

did she forget about divorce after pregnant?

Hanna Suzy 13.04.2021, 06:44:51

nice update author

Hanna Suzy 11.04.2021, 23:40:30

nice update.but the firstcover page was nice

Urvi Katira 10.04.2021, 21:41:01

Hope he doesn't say that the child is not his...

emma farnan 10.04.2021, 19:33:26

She will have some problems now trying to escape his clutches. She might file for some protection order against him now that she is pregnant. She can't stay with a violent man and protect her pregnancy. She should run. She has enough money to leave and hide from him.

Dream of books 10.04.2021, 06:58:40

omg now Jason i think he should tell the truth to her and confess her so after it's her choice to be with her or not please

Divija Muppidi 10.04.2021, 05:42:30

is it possible to detect pregnancy just after 2 weeks??

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Divija Muppidi 10.04.2021, 05:54:53

Tilda Morte, Right!! I got it. She left from the hotel 2 weeks before. OK I understood

Dream of books 07.04.2021, 22:04:23

hey author it's love triangle we know that but Jason had his reasons and he is misleading his life by lies and not discovering truth at least can u make a slight difference or soft live corner for Jason in Courtney's heart not Micheal please i literally beg u prettyyyy please author

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Dream of books 09.04.2021, 09:23:06

emma farnan, yeah right but Jason thinks she killed his girlfriend thats why

Divija Muppidi 07.04.2021, 21:26:33

I'm gonna die of anticipation. As always, amazing job Tilda.

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Tilda Morte 08.04.2021, 08:07:19

Divija Muppidi, thanks

Tanmaya Mahesh 08.04.2021, 08:00:36

Loving it so muchhh!!!! can't wait for the next chapters

Dream of books 06.04.2021, 07:24:47

tq so much Jason pov and we really want them to be together please

Divija Muppidi 06.04.2021, 05:22:12

Tilda my girl!! That was awesome. The progress these characters have made in the last few chapters felt amazing to read. keep doing awesome stuff as you always do. All the best.

emma farnan 05.04.2021, 22:15:52

Longer chapters would be great.

Dream of books 04.04.2021, 19:16:51

hey I don't know who is right for her Micheal or Jason omg I think my brain will hurt please make something

Gs 04.04.2021, 11:13:46

pls update

The last comment in the thread:

Tilda Morte 04.04.2021, 17:00:53

Gs, updated

Forji Jane 02.04.2021, 21:38:17

OMG!!!! it must be a dream

Dream of books 02.04.2021, 16:38:58

hey I say it's like slow motion reading I think update soon more author

Divija Muppidi 02.04.2021, 14:13:31

WHAAAATTTT??!!! why would you drop a bomb like that Tilda?? OMG! I don't even know what to expect and predict.

Pragati Kedia 02.04.2021, 14:09:01

what the hell

Urvi Katira 02.04.2021, 13:42:24

Oh my Godd... Is this for real...?? Is Courtney dreaming???

Divija Muppidi 30.03.2021, 22:27:58

hey babe!! love the new update. I like the fact that their situation is changing slowly (for the better I hope). The only request I have is plz don't take Jason's behavior back to square one. it's been so long and we would love to see some character development on his part too.

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Divija Muppidi 01.04.2021, 13:51:10

Tilda Morte, that's good news and loved today's update. All the best and keep your best work coming up.

AKARSHITA GOVIND RAO 01.04.2021, 07:43:12

Great update and eagerly waiting for the next intresting chapter.

Dream of books 01.04.2021, 07:18:14

please dear update soon please

Zukey Cruz 31.03.2021, 23:31:28

he finaly got a little scared lol, but what will he do to her now :/

Dream of books 31.03.2021, 06:53:20

update soon dear I want Jason point o view please update soon

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Tilda Morte 31.03.2021, 22:30:32

Dream of books, don't worry, the next update is Jason's pov

Urvi Katira 31.03.2021, 07:15:23

Can you pls update Jason point of view ..why is he doing what he is doing... And how he feels about divorce?? Is he happy?

livxria 30.03.2021, 11:52:57

I'm really liking this book author. I would love to see more and what happens in Jason and Courtney's life. I want her to so badly end up with Micheal.

Erna 28.03.2021, 19:34:17

still confused why Jason hate Courtney that bad-_-

The last comment in the thread:

Divija Muppidi 30.03.2021, 08:42:02

Erna, I have a hunch that he thinks she is responsible for Lana's death. I guess.

Dream of books 30.03.2021, 06:09:41

please update soon

Bogofanyu Oton 29.03.2021, 14:18:00

I can't comment,
cause if I do
you won't like what will come out from my mouth

Shahnaaz Cassim-Azmuth 28.03.2021, 12:08:19

I love your book but it needs that leap into the next phase. Jason needs help. Courtney can't be waiting and hoping on mending their relationship as Jason has no interest. chapters should also be longer please cos you want to really get into and feel the plot

Bianca Macedo 28.03.2021, 01:53:27

I like your story but its getting annoying. Jason just beats her for no reason and she doesn’t stand up for herself which happens in almost every chapter, it would be nice to have some character development specially Jason’s. But keep going your story has potencial

The last comment in the thread:

Tilda Morte 28.03.2021, 06:34:33

Bianca Macedo, I know how you are feeling. I feel the same too, but her nature isn't like that. Her past acts haunt her and she wouldn't dare to stand up for herself because of that. Just wait everything will become clear.

Dream of books 28.03.2021, 06:16:11

hey author I think the story seems to be boring increase more and in every chapter he will beat her aa please change something I really something special we really love you update soon and long chapters please

Dream of books 27.03.2021, 20:25:52

small chapter author please increase eagerly waiting for more

emma farnan 26.03.2021, 22:19:52

Disgusting to see some offensive language being used against the author. Manners and respect cost nothing and yet some can't afford them. A clear reflection of self-centered personalities.

I hope you can disregard such comments author and rise above the trolls. This behaviour exposes their insecurities. Keep writing author you have many followers who appreciate your talent :)

The last comment in the thread:

Tilda Morte 27.03.2021, 08:03:58

emma farnan, thanks.

AKARSHITA GOVIND RAO 27.03.2021, 06:55:36

Dear you are an incredibly amazing writer. I love each and every word written by you. I hope you'll keep writing such masterpieces and don't get offended from these offensive words... We have full faith in you

The last comment in the thread:

Tilda Morte 27.03.2021, 08:03:37

AKARSHITA GOVIND RAO, thank you so much.

Avery Olsen 26.03.2021, 19:49:18

bitch learn to update you psycho. pathetic kid. get a life

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Divija Muppidi 27.03.2021, 05:12:30

Avery Olsen, it's clear who's the bitch here. Stop being offensive towards people. She's not pathetic ,you are. Get a life.

Pari Bhardwaj 24.03.2021, 18:06:17

I don't know what happend to Jason so be like this but I hate how he treat court specially physical assault so pls don't end this series also with Jason and court love story Michal loved her earlier so pls let Jason left with guilt and court with Mich ...

The last comment in the thread:

Divija Muppidi 26.03.2021, 18:43:48

Pari Bhardwaj, As much as hate Jason - the dicker. we all know that they'll end up together.

Shahnaaz Cassim-Azmuth 26.03.2021, 13:57:43

how could he spit in her face at the end and worry about her before. this dude is messed up. hoping he can majorly repent. clearly he loves her but his display is ruthless because of misunderstandings. someone should notice the bruises he leaves as it is severe. yoh really enjoying this book

Stella Berges 24.03.2021, 12:48:49

Excellent book!!Totally loved it!!

Oton Bogofanyu 24.03.2021, 07:53:21

authoress I don't want to read that after everything he changed and they live happily ever after
I know it just fiction
but I just want you to write something different not the one I read everyday
at least make something different

The last comment in the thread:

Tilda Morte 24.03.2021, 09:23:20

Oton Bogofanyu, just hang on!

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