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Meet Zeron who was cursed by a witch and ended up becoming a demon who continually struggles with his darkness. Then there's Alanna, the orphan human girl who is the answer to his problems. For Zeron to be able to survive the curse that had been placed on him, he has to bond with the human girl in every way. The problem is that he might be too far gone to accept Alanna completely. Despite this, Alanna's fierce determination helps her to help him open up his heart.
This is a story of the human who fell in love with a demon such that she was willing to do anything to save him.

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Athena Roy 27.02.2021, 06:21:26

please update fast..

Athena Roy 23.02.2021, 16:55:11

can you please add's a huge this chapter too.

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Athena Roy 24.02.2021, 05:29:47

Whitney Bridge, cast like who you imagine your characters as
...what they look like...

Ngwanwi Gisele 22.02.2021, 15:42:52

Great chapter, i really enjoyed it

Ngwanwi Gisele 06.02.2021, 09:13:41

I love this book, pls update soon

Aria Haneef 30.01.2021, 18:55:06

Sure Whitney!!! Please let me know about your thoughts regarding my book as well !!!!!!!!

Aria Haneef 30.01.2021, 13:45:09

Hi Whitney!!!! Your story is really interesting!!!!! I loved the plot!!!! Here’s my story The Lost Princess Of Auris. Please check it out as well!!!!

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Whitney Bridge 30.01.2021, 14:02:27

Aria Haneef, I'm glad you love it!
You should check out my other books too.

Aria Haneef 30.01.2021, 13:45:55

Also I loved your book Cover!!

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Whitney Bridge 30.01.2021, 14:01:21

Aria Haneef, Thank yoooouuu!

Aria Haneef 30.01.2021, 13:44:20

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