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Book. "His Darkness " read online

His Darkness

Trixie B

Story about:werewolf alpha, dark fantasy, dark romance love erotica

Age restriction: 18+

29 221

#463 in Dark fantasy
#620 in Paranormal Romance

On Hold: 10 Feb 15 pages

Publication: 31.01.2021 — ...

Description of book "His Darkness "

" Please Come back Elivina.... Come back... Don't leave me..." I screamed and cried as much I can... But her beautiful body didn't flinch a little. And I know that it is my end..
The last fight with Blackwood Pack ruined everything. Even though I losted my mate and love of my life in the fight. But after 100 of years... I heard the same voice in the red forest.. Is it can possible...?

Adrian Raenes.. Is the alpha of Redwood pack. Known to be as immortal with a curse that only she can break.

Elivina Scout.. Unaware of her past and fate. Her curiosity to know everything about her same nightmare brought her to a very new and dangerous place.

Will he able to find her..? Will she able to change him..?


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Niharika Chauhan
22.12.2021, 22:41:03

Plz update author ??

Trixie B
04.01.2022, 09:06:45

Niharika Chauhan, I will do it later dear... please wait..

11.05.2021, 19:20:01

when are you going to update

Trixie B
11.05.2021, 21:40:10

AISWARYA MURALI, Hey dear... I am currently working on HANDS ON YOU book.. That's why I am delaying the update... I will update it soon..

Anju Sharma
03.03.2021, 13:16:24

hey author it's a lot beautiful story I like it PLZZ continue giving updates

Trixie B
30.03.2021, 00:13:26

Anju Sharma, I hope dear.... You read my blog... If not please read that one... I will come back soon

ranbir yadav
11.02.2021, 17:15:46

When will you update..?

Trixie B
11.02.2021, 18:23:19

ranbir yadav, I will do it soon ☺️

ranbir yadav
11.02.2021, 17:16:06

Please update ??

Khushbu Bhatnagar
10.02.2021, 08:26:16

Woo.. what a story line....
I am very excited for upcoming chapter's..♥️♥️♥️...

Trixie B
10.02.2021, 07:31:51

Khushbu Bhatnagar, I am happy to see your enthusiasm ❤️

Trixie B
10.02.2021, 08:31:12

I am so grateful that you like my story ❤️❤️

Shilpa Rajput
07.02.2021, 17:54:34

Beautiful Story

Trixie B
07.02.2021, 17:02:59

Shilpa Rajput, Thank you dear... ❤️

Tabitha Mutashi
05.02.2021, 16:09:48

nice story

Trixie B
05.02.2021, 16:48:34

Tabitha Mutashi, Thank you.. Please keep reading... ☺️

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