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Book. "His Himalayan Moon" read online

His Himalayan Moon


Story about:alpha, passionatelove, mate bond

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#294 in Romantic fantasy
#128 in Supernaturals

On Hold: 03 Jul 79 pages

Publication: 23.06.2022 — ...

Description of book "His Himalayan Moon"

What happens when the entire world of werewolves separate a pair of mate? And not just any mate…but THE FATED AND THE CHOSEN ONE.
What happens when the future Alpha is told that his Mate died as an infant?
Destruction…and only destruction can be brought by the wrath of the heartbroken future Alpha.
What happens when THE MOON GODDESS, who herself bound them together decides to test their bond?
“I wish I could hate him…” she sighed.
“I wish I could love her…” he thought.
SATI, a chirpy and naughty girl, who has just recovered from a major road accident comes across VINCENZO, the future Alpha, who is on the hunt of his fated mate. What has the MOON GODDESS planned for them? Will her plan even work or not?
P.S: Read Introduction before Chapter 1.


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Obinna Ifechukwu
03.07.2022, 00:29:26

very nice novel

sumathi Mohan
01.07.2022, 17:14:30

That was a beautiful explanation

01.07.2022, 17:38:29

sumathi Mohan, thank you...

sumathi Mohan
27.06.2022, 09:55:20

Good one

Confidence Alison Atuche
23.06.2022, 22:32:23

I just started reading this book but first is it going to be a free book? As I don’t want to be heartbroken

Confidence Alison Atuche
24.06.2022, 19:09:27

Okay thank you. It’s a beautiful book

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