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His Hope, Her Wolf

Tanya Coleby

Story about:truelove, wolf and human marraige, wolf fated mates

Age restriction: 18+

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#5 in Science fiction
#76 in Paranormal Romance

Ongoing: 23 May 55 pages

Publication: 12.04.2022 — ...
Contests: Bound by the Moon

Description of book "His Hope, Her Wolf"

They are from different planets. She has no wolf but can cause burns and sparks with her hands in self-defence. He is the future alpha and also the future king of a whole planet of wolf shifters. She thought they were friends, he knew that they were mates. But what happens when an old and great prophecy is revealed concerning possibly Hope? That says she will become something that she is not? Will she leave him and run back to her own planet with the safety of her people or will she take on a whole planet of shifters and become the rightful Luna and queen of them all?


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Tanya Coleby
27.04.2022, 11:00:44

Thank you so much. Yes definitely, sounds awesome x

Vina Arie
27.04.2022, 02:24:08

Yay! Finally found your book and I've followed you. I've put your book in my library so I can read later. Got 3 classes to teach today so I'll save your book for later reading.

The link that you posted in Facebook can't reach through the booknet apps. So I have to find your name and finally found this book of yours.

Can't wait to read it :)

If you have the time, check mine also, it's called: Trinity.

Tell me your opinion about it, would mean the world to me, luv.

Tanya Coleby
24.04.2022, 16:05:41

Thank you all for reading xx

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