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Book. "' His Sinful Desire '(werewolf)||jjk||" read online

' His Sinful Desire '(werewolf)||jjk||

Sofy Hian

Story about:supernatural, alpha, humanmate

Age restriction: 18+

123 5473

#7 in Fanfiction
#855 in Romance

Complete 52 pages

Publication: 20.07.2022 — 20.07.2022

Description of book "' His Sinful Desire '(werewolf)||jjk||"

Its a story about a heartless, powerful & ruthless No, :1 business tycoon & Mafia King Jeon Jungkook who is also a Alpha of werewolf . He is Mafia king & business king for human world & Alpha King for werewolf world. This world dont know his real identity. This world & nature is full with secrets.
He never believe in love until he meet Y/n. His mate. He fall in love with 5 years old little innocent Y/n. He never want a mate but after meeting her he cant stay away from her. He adopt her after killing her abusive parents. Her innocent soul make him kneel down in front of her. He take her with him. He fall in love with her more & his love turn into obsession. He can do everything for her. He raised her. He always keep her safe from every danger .His desire for her become sinful......


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Ta-Tanita Parker
24.09.2022, 10:20:25

This book was so amazing. I will be reading more of your books..

Sowmya Udupa
21.09.2022, 05:21:12

i have read all ur stories till now, i really like it, ur book is clear cut short stories with lots if love, little bit of revenge and good amount of smut

Sofy Hian
21.09.2022, 09:59:37

Sowmya Udupa, thank for loving it...?...

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