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Description of book "His Wrong Wife"

After leaving the cursed town behind, Celeste finally found happiness, but the castle of dreams she has built begins to tremble when someone from her past makes his way into her life with the darkest secret. Celeste finds herself trapped in a horrible situation with a realization that she is still married to what she assumed was her ex-husband.

Will Celeste tell her now-husband about her divorce being fake or will she let this intruder use that fear against her?
"But I love him," I cried silently, hoping Elliot would not decide to enter the kitchen.
"And what about me?" He lifted his face from my neck and I found tears in his eyes, "I did so much for you, and you moved on?" a tear left his eyes, but it hardly made me feel any sympathy for him.

"You, I don't care," I announced.

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Inviolata Awuor 20.01.2021, 23:52:07

hey...I was reading the Sadist but right now i cant see it,has it been deleted from booknet?

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Marites Salimbangon 26.01.2021, 06:51:48

Inviolata Awuor, same here, I was trying to read it again but can't find it here in booknet anymore

Tammy Heccker 25.01.2021, 16:42:46

everything okay??? no more updating?

Sheeba Pratheesh 24.01.2021, 18:39:16

no updates ,why ?

Emptiness 23.01.2021, 01:12:35

Hey dear are you okay?

Nadiya burakh 20.01.2021, 08:05:43

plz update the book waiting since long

Kamna Kundi 19.01.2021, 23:31:56

I wish I knew when the next update would be

Tashmika Gayadeen 14.01.2021, 12:09:59

Hi guys just a huge fan of Alexis books and I just checked her profile and under her blog "Hey guys, Happy New Year, I know I am late to the party. I am also aware that many of you want me to update and me not updating is a very irresponsible act, but currently, I am on a hiatus. " I do not think she is going to update soon as she is taking a break, just wanted to let url know as I see many comments asking if she is okay.

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Jaya Yadav 18.01.2021, 20:47:54

Tashmika Gayadeen, So till which tym her breaks going to over I mean 1 month or more , can u plz tell us

Jude Emsermann 17.01.2021, 08:09:34

When is the next update

Trisha Dass 15.01.2021, 23:50:56

in book 1 I had love the characteristic portray for Elliot but I much prefer Celeste with Sawyer, I just hope the writer doesn't spoil Elliot image with hatred and vengeance, she seems to do that a lot when she switching up the story

Ibukun Hassan 15.01.2021, 16:57:18

I am

Kamna Kundi 14.01.2021, 10:27:39

Hey Alexis..
I've never observed you taking so long..
I hope you're OK..

Resmi Mukherjee 12.01.2021, 18:03:08

Alexis..I hope u r okay. Wish u a happy New Year. Its a long since u have last updated. We r anxious.

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Evilsparklenyc 12.01.2021, 20:48:53

Me too!! This is one of my favorites so far

Shinybella 12.01.2021, 17:51:40

hi Alexis how r u?
R u ok? pls take care....
And update soon and more once u r ok.

Kiran Sahani 12.01.2021, 17:17:39

when r u going to update

Mubeenah Oladimeji 12.01.2021, 15:02:04

Alexis , I really hope you are okay

Gena Elgie 12.01.2021, 12:12:09

Please update

hiruni nirmani 07.01.2021, 18:52:34

Please give a update dr

Angielyn Leal Dicipulo 07.01.2021, 03:58:57

Dear author, are you not going to update today.. ? ?

Mubeenah Oladimeji 06.01.2021, 19:18:06

Alexis Dee!!!!!!!!!!

Sheeba Pratheesh 04.01.2021, 19:31:29

Yes , waiting for you .......

Nivedita Singh 03.01.2021, 17:04:55

waiting fr updates

Shinybella 03.01.2021, 06:44:35

pls update more and fast

Bob 02.01.2021, 06:09:20

heyy Alexis...hope you are good..its been update....are you on new year break...?

Ekta Gautam 01.01.2021, 08:04:15

it's been long, no update from you author.. waiting so eagerly for the next chapter.

Sharmila Rao 31.12.2020, 10:52:34

pliz update

Ahiatsi Emmanuella 31.12.2020, 07:18:36

lovely piece
can't wait to continue reading

Katerina Velanis 31.12.2020, 07:08:22

Hi Alexis, hope all is well with you. Just wondering when the next update will happen? Cheers

wintana 28.12.2020, 20:02:15

girl u r on fire

Pesh Gitonga 28.12.2020, 06:36:35

nice work author
this Nixon is Sawyer

Miss Virgo 27.12.2020, 17:12:06

Author, are we getting any updates for today??

Aarin 27.12.2020, 06:22:09

I completed your sadist book overnight ..
But i feel like i m as heartbroken as swayer and chelete . I so fucking wish u complete this soon nd they get there happy ending and some cosy moments ...? and your writing is awesome .
I also write nd i feel like more elobrated lovescenes will just turn up awesome nd reader would feel more connected to the characters ..
I m looking forward forrrr moreeeee ?

Shattered dreamer 26.12.2020, 22:42:15

It really seems like Nixon and Sawyer are same person.... Just hope Celeste will know about what happened to Sawyer after she left...

Tammy Heccker 26.12.2020, 20:36:35


Tammy Heccker 26.12.2020, 20:24:48

i’m reading it and loving it!!!!

Elle queen 26.12.2020, 17:07:09

No daily updates like Sadist1 ?

The last comment in the thread:

Alexis Dee 26.12.2020, 17:15:43

Elle queen , There will be daily updates in few days.

Resmi Mukherjee 25.12.2020, 12:24:26

Merry Christmass Alexis Dee Mr. Nixon is Sawyer. Elliot is hiding something from her.. that Allison knows. The story is full of twists and suspense from the very beginning..just like it

The last comment in the thread:

Alexis Dee 25.12.2020, 16:07:57

Resmi Mukherjee, Haha aww thank you so much....

Aayushi rai 25.12.2020, 12:29:22

Nixon? Who is he from past?

The last comment in the thread:

Alexis Dee 25.12.2020, 16:07:40

Aayushi rai, Well......... hahah you will know soon

Maz Ahmed 25.12.2020, 12:30:18

Elliot is taking advantage of her memory loss. The baby is alive and hidden from her.. I think he knows that Celeste is Hunter’s daughter and wants to be the leader?

The last comment in the thread:

Alexis Dee 25.12.2020, 16:07:23

Maz Ahmed, Aha ! nice observation, let's see what happens :p

Katerina Velanis 25.12.2020, 13:08:12

Wow. Talk about twisted. Elliot has a lot of exposing to do. What exactly happened after she was hit by the car Alexis? This is going to so good unfolding.
Merry Christmas dear. Hope you have a great day.

The last comment in the thread:

Alexis Dee 25.12.2020, 16:06:59

Katerina Velanis, Merry Christmas!!! have a great day..

Swe et Biya 25.12.2020, 12:02:18

Mr Nixon and Saywer are two different person right ? and I think Elliot and Allison have some secret history. Elliot is not too good as we think. well this book have a lot of twist and suspense...

The last comment in the thread:

Alexis Dee 25.12.2020, 12:09:37

Swe et Biya, Well, more twists coming...

cherry 25.12.2020, 12:01:45

Hiii dear author , I know that you are going to put this book on subscription and I think you deserve it but please can you make some favour to us please introduce every character so that we can't get confused . And I hope like 1book this book is also going to make people cry of luck

The last comment in the thread:

Alexis Dee 25.12.2020, 12:09:11

cherry, Yeah, I will definitely do that, I have introduced the characters in the cast, the ones that have made an appearance so far. And thank you sooo much for reading

cherry 25.12.2020, 12:06:09

And yaa one more thing please try to provide more and more giveaways for this book as you can because I really wanna read this book

kay ibrahim 25.12.2020, 01:42:48

i dont want celeste to hv elliot's baby. Oh pls, not fun though i kinda hate sawyer the last time, but i still hope they get bck together.

Sainimili Likutokalau 24.12.2020, 15:50:57

Bula yani sa caka kei nun

Kamna Kundi 24.12.2020, 14:21:50

it'll take a few chapters to get everything back on track.. I'm sad for both of them.. are they ever gonna have a Happy ending ..

Yukta Kataria 22.12.2020, 18:43:35

Don't tell me the accident in which Celeste got into in last book, she had a memory loss from that... how could she fail to recognize Sawyer? OR Sawyer changed his look completely after living like beggars... how did he became so rich?? so soon?? ....
The past impacted her.... which past is she talking about?? ....The past of loosing a child? or Past with Sawyer?
Did she loose Sawyer and her first child in that accident??
Celeste wouldn't have behaved so calm, unbothered after meeting Sawyer again....though she said that if they meet again she would pass him like she never knew him...but it's impossible to act like that for Celeste if she is not going through memory loss... if this the case then Sawyer is so going to beg her, crave for her Hug..

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Yukta Kataria 24.12.2020, 10:07:52

Aayushi rai, The features author has written, blue eyes, sharp jawline and the rude behaviour...all resemble to Sawyer. Dylan is with Diana, and is blaming Sawyer for Fania's death, he didn't want to get involved with Sawyer anymore and also he can't face Celeste easily bcoz he didn't kept his promise of helping her when she was in need, though it was that girl who texted Celeste from Dylan's cell... Celeste thought Dylan too ditched her.. anyhow Dylan was not there for Celeste in her hardest times. Whereas Theo, no chance, Theo is back with Roslie and he thinks Celeste is a whore who jumps from man to man, as he too like everyone in that town thinks that Celeste cheated Sawyer with Walsh... and Celeste would never accept a coward like Theo, not even as a frnd, in her life.

Aayushi rai 24.12.2020, 09:37:18

Who is the neighbour guy

Nadiya burakh 23.12.2020, 17:10:12

plz unite celeste and sawyer

hiruni nirmani 23.12.2020, 16:54:56

Are you not going to update today

Radhika Nair 23.12.2020, 11:30:54

Oh my lord!!!! This is too much to handle at once, I'm just amazed by your writing dear author . Please keep going on and continue with your work. Stay happy, healthy and blessed.

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