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Description of book "Husband's Name: Mr. Fire Dragon!"

- Husband's name?
- Mr. Fire Dragon.

Misa regrets it immediately after she says that. She adds laughing,

- That's what I call him! His name is Ryuji Ryusei!

The nurse gives her a look and asks,

- Your husband didn’t come with you?

She was about to say something when a male voice says,

- Present!

It's none other than Ryuji.

Misa's fate is to marry Ryuji and stay with him in the dragon world until she dies.

But Misa gets diagnosed with chronic disease and the dragon world's doctors can't cure her without the dragon's stone. But no one knows where the stone is!

Ryuji brings Misa to the human world thinking the human doctors might cure her, while he is busy searching for the dragon stone.

What will happen to them? Will the dragon lord let them be? Or will they get punished?


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Dream of books
13.01.2022, 13:06:35

author plss write

My Anecdotes
07.07.2021, 14:26:23

Why aren't you writing it, author!!

Maliha Khanam
08.07.2021, 22:50:46

My Anecdotes, sorry :")

Blue Orchid
08.04.2021, 00:27:02

I really love this story❤

Maliha Khanam
08.04.2021, 00:29:52

Blue Orchid, Thank you so much for your support ❤❤

My Anecdotes
30.03.2021, 20:54:32

Omo Misa's character is totally me ???

Maliha Khanam
30.03.2021, 20:59:52

My Anecdotes, Haha... Good to know that. Keep enjoying the story❤

Blue Orchid
30.03.2021, 20:42:07

The story was really good XD I loved Misa's character. She is so funny. I hope the author updates soon.

Maliha Khanam
30.03.2021, 20:59:09

Blue Orchid, Thank you so much for your support❤❤

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